Surrey’s Electric Vehicle Charging Points – could be arriving in all Waverley’s towns except Cranleigh – where bikes are big business?

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Surrey County Council’s nod and a wink towards its declared Climate Change Emergency included a pilot scheme for five – or was it nine – or maybe 11 possible electric vehicle charging points in ‘Your Waverley?’ 

Watch out – one of them might be appearing outside your home soon? So be alert and watch out for notices or letters for a charging point coming to a spot near you.

At up to £40,000 a throw – we hope the public in Farnham, Godalming & Haslemere appreciate the efforts being made by the county wallers to meet the county’s climate change credentials.

In July 2019 Surrey County Council followed the Government’s lead by declaring a Climate Emergency and is committed to becoming net-zero carbon by 2050.

In order to meet this challenging target, the Council recognised that it must work with partners, residents, businesses and Government to deliver urgent action to reduce carbon emissions produced in Surrey so it is currently finalising its climate change strategy for the county, working closely with its borough and district partners, including ‘Your Waverley.’

At a recent joint SCC/Waverley partnership meeting officers announced that the following sites had been earmarked for possible electric charging points in Waverley. But not all of these would be given the go-ahead.

  • Beacon Road, Beacon Hill, Farnham
  • Falkener Road, Farnham – presumably for all the students – who don’t have electric cars?
  • Summers Road, Godalming
  • Wey Hill, Haslemere
  • Christopher Green in Haslemere
  • Croft Road, Godalming
  • Windrush Close, Bramley – where everyone owns an electric vehicle?!
  • West Street, Farnham – where parking is at a premium?
  • Hale Road, Farnham 
  • High Park Road, Farnham

Highway officers said although Cranleigh was now ‘ a TOWN,’ (that will no doubt go down well with the locals) – it has not been included in Surrey’s plans for on-street electric charging points, so none were proposed.

Love them or hate them – cyclists apparently rule the roads around the eastern villages, according to the Cranleigh Cranlinati, a group that throws the odd criticism at the lycra lovers over there. However, you are not allowed to criticise or comment upon the hordes of cyclists swarming through the villages and taking over the Surrey Hills on the local highly censored community board.  

It says because its  rules barely get to see the light of day, it has taken to Twitter to promote some of Cranleigh’s residents’ righteous stance on cycling.

Waverley’s representatives were asked to support the pilot project for charging points which included the sites mentioned above, but not everyone was happy with the locations – particularly the Croft Road, Godalming site. That went down like a lead ballooon with the town’s representatives, who claimed losing parking spaces in a road where they were at a premium would not be popular with the locals.


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