Waverley MP’s vote against a windfall tax on oil and gas companies.

Just in case you wondered -last night, both Waverley MPs had the chance to vote for a windfall tax on oil and gas mega-profits – to help with the cost of living emergency.

A tidal wave of increases that is hitting most of us like a Sunami.

 WW can’t imagine any resident here will be shocked to learn that both Guildford & Villages MP Angela Richardson and SouthWest Surrey MP Jeremy Hunt obeyed the party whip and voted to protect oil and gas company’s huge profits. Why would they?

After all, Angela Richardson turned her back on us on the day she was elected.

Angela Richardson

 and as for Jeremy Hunt who voted to protect those profits and not you, we say no more. Every picture tells a story.


2 thoughts on “Waverley MP’s vote against a windfall tax on oil and gas companies.”

  1. Loss making companies pay no tax and threaten jobs and pensions. When a nation is over £2 trillion in debt future cash streams merit consideration as does energy security. Who wants rationed gas and electricity supplies when the world is entering a long term energy crisis? The energy crisis is due in part to the Government’s misunderstanding of the global energy market and its gross mismanagement of the domestic energy market. Too few have hedged gas supplies with long term contracts.

  2. The whole energy market is completely rigged in favour of the large energy companies. When prices rise steeply they start to make obscene profits. And who funds these profits? The poor energy customers who are caught in the fuel trap and are having to pay unrealistic and unsustainable prices. This government (nor any previous government) has no vision on a national energy plan. When the shit hits the fan – what do they do? Blame everyone except themselves.

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