Sign up to stop Oil & Gas prospecting in Dunsfold village?

Here at the Waverley Web, it is not our style to put up Petitions – however, we thought this might just be up the streets, or lanes of Dunsfold villagers who are battling with UK Oil and Gas.

Following a  public inquiry in July 2021   residents in the villages around the Hascombe Hills area of Waverley are still waiting for  Communities Secretary Michael Gove to make up his mind whether UCOG can drill on land South of Dunsfold Road and East of High Loxley Road.

The Waverley Web lets Dunsfold oil & gas protestors have their say.

Will drilling for oil and gas at Dunsfold become more attractive – due to the energy crisis?

William Web this petition is taking off on, and we think you might be interested in adding your name. Sign now to help:

Tell the UK government to stop new oil and gas fields
Lauren MacDonald started this petition to UK Parliament, and it now has 42,140 signatures
Sign now with a click on the link above

My name is Lauren MacDonald, I’m 21 years old and I live in Glasgow. Last year, along with thousands of others, I was part of the successful campaign to stop the Cambo oil field. In January, despite the recent widespread public backlash against Cambo, the UK government quietly gave the green light to another development, the Abigail oil field, off the coast of Scotland. By approving Abigail, the UK government has yet again placed the short-term profits of oil companies over the future of all life on earth.

We all want a liveable future – one where we have safe, clean, affordable energy that doesn’t pollute our lungs, threaten the balance of nature, or push millions of people into poverty. However, instead of committing to a rapid transition to renewables, the UK government is lessening our chances of survival by proposing to extract even more fossil fuels. Many people in the UK came together to fight Cambo. Now we’re demanding an end to all new fossil fuel extraction.

While millions of us face skyrocketing energy costs caused by our reliance on gas, the government does nothing. Instead of properly taxing fossil fuel companies like Shell and BP, who made a combined £24 billion last year, and using that money to help people heat their homes, the government is instead choosing to give these companies hundreds of millions of pounds of taxpayers’ money in tax rebates.

It gets worse. The UK government is currently pushing for even more oil and gas drilling, which would lock us into an expensive, dirty energy source for decades longer than necessary. The Chancellor, Rishi Sunak, reportedly wants to fast-track six new fields this year alone. The fact that the vast bulk of these reserves are oil, which the UK exports overseas, means there is no public benefit from these projects.  They absolutely can not be allowed to go ahead. We deserve a liveable future, and for this to happen, we have to stop all new oil and gas fields. The solution to the energy crisis of today and the ones to come is to make energy cheap, clean and renewable. More oil and gas will only fill the already full pockets of fossil fuel CEOs.

Last year, I saw the governments of the world come together in my home city at COP26 to make big promises about climate action. Now, we need to make sure the government keeps its word.

I’m calling on the UK government to:

1. Reject all new and recently approved oil and gas fields and stop issuing licences for fossil fuel companies to search for more oil and gas.

2. Tax big polluters that made record profits this past year and use the money to support households across the UK.

3. Support oil and gas industry workers and affected communities to transition to renewable energy, making sure people can switch to sustainable, clean jobs as we move away from oil and gas.

We know what we have to do, and we have the solutions we need to get there. All we’re missing is leaders willing to act.

Will you sign this petition to protect our communities and future generations of people in the UK and across the world?



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