£2.5m already paid out in council tax relief to Waverley residents.

But the postbags of Waverley councillors are filling up as more residents ask when can they expect their council tax rebate?

Waverley Council Taxpayers in Council Tax bands A-D, who have not yet received the £150 Council Tax Energy Rebate will receive letters over the next few days explaining how to claim their payment. Further information is available on Waverley’s website orlo.uk/K0vTe

65% of those eligible to receive the rebate, who pay their Council Tax bill by direct debit have already been paid directly into their bank account, totalling £2.5m in payments across the borough.

For those residents who do not pay by direct debit, the letter will include a QR code which can be scanned by mobile or manually entered into a web address where the resident can enter their bank details to complete their application for the rebate. The information required will be used to validate and verify the payee’s bank details and ensure the right person is paid.

Using the QR code is the quickest and easiest way for residents to receive payment of the rebate, as it is automated. Payment of claims will be made within 3 days of successful validation.

The online application requires manual processing and will take longer. Anyone who encounters any issues scanning the QR code should fill in the following application form at www.waverley.gov.uk/counciltaxrebate(opens in new tab).






2 thoughts on “£2.5m already paid out in council tax relief to Waverley residents.”

  1. I used to be a Conservative voter, as I and many others couldn’t trust any other political party to run the country. But under the Tories, the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. Whether it’s dinners for donors in Downing Street or allowing millionaires and large corporates to use tax avoidance, it’s the same old Tories who leave the less fortunate, hard-working people of this country to suffer.
    Democratically elected governments are voted into power to represent the views and interests of the majority of the nation. However, it appears to be one rule for the Tories and another for the rest.
    It is simply outrageous, that millions of people are struggling to pay their energy bills, and all that our Chancellor can offer is a measly £150 sticking plaster. If the Tories really cared, they would immediately impose a price freeze on energy bills and tell the energy companies to go and sort out their failed energy market.

    1. Here, here we to have joined the non-Conservative club because we all wonder who is conserving what for whom? Allowing millionaires, large corporations and one of our own Surrey MP’s to use tax avoidance schemes is an insult to the hard-working people of this country who pay their taxes, lots of them, and are being thrown chicken feed which could soon turn out to be insufficient to buy a chicken.

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