Cranleigh bridge – that is all its cracked up to be.

Here’s the woman you voted into Surrey County Council who is doing something about a dangerous Cranleigh bridge – at last!

For years, the locals have taken a deep breath and stepped on the accelerator to get across the one-way bridge from Elmbridge Road to Cranleigh Common as quickly as possible.  Villagers there know the dreadful state of the structure which once crossed the Horsham to Guildford railway line and now the Downslink.

Now that Liz Townsend has moved into County Towers as the local county councillor its highway honchos have agreed, at last, to put the vital works into their capital works programme – but not until later this year, or early next. Let’s all hope it lasts until then!?

Villagers wrote to us saying they are living in the hope it won’t take as long as the county council highway works that prompted a three-year road closure at Run Common to repair a bridge there. The road has now finally reopened. The works were completed on Thursday 14 April. 

A Waverley road closed for two long years will re-open in March.

If the billy goats gruff trotted over Cranleigh’s rickety rackety bridge they may find more than an ugly troll.

As background, three years ago Cranleigh Civic Society stalwart Adrian Clarke (a Chartered Builder and Committee Member ) visited the site of the Elm Bridge after being alerted about work being carried out there.  A sub-contractor was filling in cracks on behalf of the county council with a weak mixture of sand and cement. Adrian noticed that a crack, not yet filled,  had bulged further since his previous visit.

He claimed, filling in cracks with a weak mortar mix was a complete waste of money – and  was purely a cosmetic job to hide a “very real problem.”

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