A Waverley road closed for two long years will re-open in March.

A bridge over troubled waters between Bramley and Cranleigh may soon be back in business? At least, the residents in the eastern villages live in hope.


COVID-19 wasn’t even heard of and Boris was a new boy on the block when the Run Common Bridge was closed by Surrey County Council for URGENT WORKS!

Since then, the road between the A281 near Bramley joining the B2128 between Shamely Green and Cranleigh has been closed to traffic with Access Only after cracks were found in the road surface.  

Works progressed well until highway engineers found signs of badgers at the bridge, which is a key route in and out of Cranleigh.

The cracks were caused by subsidence west of the bridge, which takes the road over the Downs Link (the old Horsham to Guildford railway line).

But then, after the Badger who sat down beside her was found, work was halted for the endangered species to be re-housed, closely followed by some newts and then men in grey suits from Natural England. Hence the bridge has been closed – and earned its name of ‘Bridge Over Troubled Waters.’


It is now predicted that the bridge will re-open on 31st March. Unless, of course, another little fella or two pop up in the meantime?


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