How to make a muppet out of yourself in readiness for the county council elections.

Cynical we may be, but isn’t it strange that councillors you seldom see, and hardly ever hear from, suddenly pop up in the most unexpected places for a photo opportunity?

Surrey County Councillor Andrew Povey has pictured himself for his pre-election leaflet here at the Cranleigh Recycling Centre. Really! You couldn’t make it up! 
Apparently, the locals over there in the eastern villages have been having a bit of fun at the expense of the Guildford Conservative Association’s chosen one. All the local comedians have been out in force on FACEBOOK claiming all the miracles they have achieved.
Perhaps Cllr Povey could perform another miracle and get the Road Closed signs removed from the Run Common Road which has been closed for over a year due to wait for it … wait for it ….a Badger Set! Funny that? – Surrey County Council used that same excuse for the delays on the Albury Road works too. 
Watch out – there are a lot of badgers about!!!

4 thoughts on “How to make a muppet out of yourself in readiness for the county council elections.”

  1. He only got 54% of the vote in 2017. Assuming the UK Independence Party wont be standing again, and the Liberal Democrats really get behind their candidate (Richard Cole I assume) by canvassing hard like we all know they can, then “My Little Povey” could be thrown into the old toy box, along with all the other Tory Toys that are all worn out.

    1. We couldn’t possibly comment! But surely the parties should all work together to provide the residents with a much-needed change. May we suggestMy Little Povey rides into the sunset?

  2. Looks like it may be true!!! on the SCC Website.

    Road closure of Run Common Road, Cranleigh
    Update on 3 December:
    The badger sett has been successfully closed, and the badgers relocated to a new man-made sett that has been constructed for them as part of these works. The metal mesh used to close the sett will remain in place on the embankments. Our works have been planned and supervised by experienced and licensed ecologists, and have the health and wellbeing of the badgers as their primary concern. The area will be monitored by our ecologists throughout the project to ensure we do not cause any unnecessary harm to the badgers or other protected species in the immediate vicinity.

    Next we will be carrying out some invasive ground investigations to allow us to finalise the design of the permanent repair. We are assessing what the impact of the works will be on the other protected species in the area, including bats, reptiles, and nesting birds. This information will help us determine the best way forward in terms of timing and approach for the permanent repair, and whether a temporary repair could be carried out to reopen the road during this final planning stage.

    HOWEVER – SCC still think it is OK to agree to a Footpath Diversion at Wildwood Golf course through Semi Ancient Woodland with a TPO!!

    As for Mr Povey – I am not sure why he is looking so smug outside the CRC which has been closed for most of the year and when it does re-open it is once again only open Saturday – Monday

    1. And … it took over a year to relocate the badgers? How long did it take to relocate the badgers on the Albury Road then – just a couple of months.

      And yes, you are right we wouldn’t be boasting about the recycling centre. From what we have heard from our followers over there, there was no recycling for months upon end. Even when it is open customers are very restricted to what they can leave there on the three days it is open. Residents are forced to travel miles to Witley most of the time. Could do better Cllr Povey. Nil point as they say on the Eurovision Song Contest!

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