Bike shelters popping up in car parks around ‘Your Waverley.’


As part of the drive to promote active travel, reduce carbon emissions and improve air quality, Waverley Borough Council is providing bike shelters in its car parks across the borough.

A typical bus shelter used in other parts of the country

This is just part of a whole variety of initiatives in line with ‘Your Waverley’s Climate Emergency Strategy. A strategy spearheaded by portfolio Holder Steve Williams – the man recently described  on some very Anti-Social Media as being in a “Fantasy World!” Despite town planning experts advising councils across the country to do the same.

The council has been working with Parish and Town councils as well as representatives from Godalming, Farnham, Waverley Cycle Forums and Haslemere Vision in a bid to provide new bike shelters in council-owned car parks across the borough.

The bike shelter project will take place in two phases with the first bike shelter hardstanding being installed in Village Way, Cranleigh on Tuesday 3 May with the bike shelter being installed in June.

It will replace the bring bank which has been removed now that the council’s new, free Textile and Small Electrical service has been launched to Waverley residents. Further details on the collection service, which collects residents’ unwanted items, can be found on the Textile and Small Electrical web page.

There will be a small number of car park spaces unavailable for the week whilst work is carried out.


4 thoughts on “Bike shelters popping up in car parks around ‘Your Waverley.’”

  1. A link to the Textile and Small Electrical web page would be helpful. How are those without access to the internet being informed?

  2. Why? There’s already a nearly new good-sized covered bike shelter 50m away between the Health Centre and the Library in Cranleigh! It’s outside the Health Centre reception so it is very visible in deterring would-be thieves. I would not leave my bike, even padlocked, in the new shelter, if it is going to be located in the corner of the car park when the recycling bins used to be. (It’s a dark area with no one around, and an expensive bike would be vulnerable to theft.) If Waverley want to do something useful, build a new covered bike shelter in the High Street.

    1. Thank you, Adrian – we don’t know the exact layout you refer to as we are not particularly familiar with the neighbourhood of Cranleigh – however, numerous Waverley councillors read this blog and we’re sure will take notice of your comments. Surely the parish, or is it the town council in your area would have been consulted before a site was chosen?

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