4 thoughts on “When is a Cranleigh Webinar a publicity exercise for a developer and not the public?”

    1. We do not believe he had a chance to ask any questions. We understand from our followers over there in ChatControllerland that he doesn’t allow questions, or comments, as they may not fit in with his agenda.

  1. All I asked was “if the adjoining housing development would of got permission if it wasn’t for the new park”.
    The land for both the park and the housing development were owned by the same person, hence my reason for asking the question.
    He has since taken to twitter to accuse Waverley Web of slander and of me being a stalker. I would of taken it seriously if it wasn’t so damn funny. #keyboardwarrior

    1. Well, the answer is No – the adjoining using would not have received planning permission. There were many councillors at Waverley who opposed the development for various reasons. Perhaps someone could send us a clip of his Tweet with an accusation of slander. How can it be slander when it’s the written word, and it’s the truth. Slander is the spoken word – he is not only rather silly, but he is also rather ignorant. No doubt anyone would be named a stalker if they question the Chat Controller. We didn’t actually mention his name and have received no complaint.

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