Is our SW Surrey MP getting worried?

Is our jaw-dropping hypocritical MP worried that time might be running out for him in ‘Your Waverley’?

He said: “Many concerns in SW Surrey, especially Farnham, about the vulnerability of neighbourhood plans when the planning authority has not got a 5-year land supply, as is the case currently. Here’s what Michael Gove had to say when I spoke to him.”

Did you tell Michael that you dropped the borough in very heavy dog doo when you put the boot in on the borough’s largest brownfield site? No, of course, you didn’t – just like you deny having anything to do with that amazing trade deal, by exporting most of our highly trained junior doctors to Australia and New Zealand!

Dynamic duo Jeremy Hunt and Michael Gove worried the Tories are upsetting every Arthur & Martha in the borough due to Government planning policies. 

Said MP Jeremy Hunt about the recent controversial planning appeal to approve 50 homes at Red Court in Haslemere.  
“AGLV [like Red Court] deserve to be given the same protections [as AONB]. If they were ever built upon, whether for agricultural intensification or for housing, it would change the character of the area forever.”
Surely this cannot possibly be the same man who called in the Dunsfold decision to the Secretary of State. The man who scuppered development on the borough’s largest brownfield site for donkey’s years and is now promoting building on, yes you guessed BFS!  Supporting the selfish move by Protect Our Waverley, better known as “Don’t Dump Dunsfold in our back yard,” and the Campaign For Rural England that dramatically reduced any hope of ‘ YW’ having a five-year housing land supply!  They now sit idly by watching Alfold go under concrete.
His hypocrisy is legendary.
By the way, it isn’t just a concern to the people of South West Surrey, Jeremy, just in case you hadn’t noticed.  Thanks to your intervention, along with your Guildford colleague, our treasured countryside and green fields are presently disappearing faster than Tory voters. 


7 thoughts on “Is our SW Surrey MP getting worried?”

  1. Well let’s just see what the Inspector has to say at tomorrows (ONE DAY ) Appeal for the 86 New Homes on Horsham Road in Alfold.

  2. Your politics may be different but it’s not fair to call Jeremy Hunt hypocritical. Let’s bring politeness back into politics.

    1. I can only speak for myself and not the other members of our Waverley Web team, but as a life-long Tory voter, I find it incomprehensible that this man can speak with a forked tongue. Or has the time finally arrived that it is now impolite to talk about the truth? It is disrespectful for an elected politician to pretend to be concerned about protecting the countryside when he has done so much to damage it. Sometimes the truth hurts – and it is a lesson the Conservative Party has to learn – or it will be toast!

  3. Don’t forget the Surrey branch of CPRE – more of Jeremy’s mates who also took to the High Court to Appeal Dunsfold AND Julia Pott’s Local Plan Part 1, thereby creating years of delays to both getting Planning Policy in place and the delivery of houses. Unintended consequences!!

    1. Thank goodness that someone out there in the ether has a corporate memory. A day is a long time in politics – 15 years is a very, very, long time, and history will show the damage to our communities will be immeasurable.

  4. Sorry as I have said countless times “Too many eggs in one Basket…” This development was never wanted here in the East as although DP offered some Mitigation – Most of it was years down the line, and their Infrastructure improvements whilst to some degree were better than what we currently have here on the A281 and the smaller roads towards Godalming – It was never really going to make up for the complete lack of any Infrastructure and the Huge Increase in Cars that would be using the A281,B roads & Lanes.

    You can throw TRICS stats at us and show how these improvements would make the roads so much better – But we all know it is Lies… We have recently had months of Road Closures here in the East – Which in many areas have been woefully below par and have had to be re-done (…and re-done & re-done!) and will be re-done this week!

    Do you not understand the frustration that we feel here? Dunsfold Park “Garden Village” was never going to be a “Garden Village” it was going to be a vast Housing estate with Multi storey Flats in full view of the AONB. But better here than anywhere else in the Borough… WW – Size is not EVERYTHING!

    I understand PDL – and IF this site was adjacent to a Town (with Facilities) or a Major Road that would enable the new Residents to access Public Transport or Walk to said facilities … I wouldn’t have a problem – But to put it in one of the most Remote Eastern Villages… ???

    Just Look at this from SCC
    Waverley doesn’t exist! and you know the Maps I sent you that showed there were NO plans for any Major Transport improvements
    I cannot cut and paste – But will happily email them to your Contact Email.

    If someone “on-High” showed any degree of Sense they would be looking at all the developments here and working out the Sustainability of them with regard to what facilities are actually in the areas these developers plan to build on – Not that they are actually Building despite Gaining their Planning applications – Wonder why???It is a Money GRAB – From Greedy developers that pay into Party Coffers…. Their Land Value Grows and they then sell on..

    It is shambolic and the sooner our MPS make it known to the PM the Better – Not that I think he will take any notice… He rarely does and nor do our MPs.

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