Blightwells coming to Farnham sometime, anytime – whenever?

Love it or hate it – Blightwells isn’t going to open any time soon!

Will it be open in time for Christmas 2022?

Surrey County Council’s £233m Debt repayment plan.

Wetherspoons GONE, Joules GONE. ASK Italian GONE! Estate Agent – coming soon? Surrey County Council Investment going, going …?

One thought on “Blightwells coming to Farnham sometime, anytime – whenever?”

  1. Perhaps Crest are deliberately slowing down the build to keep pace with their snails-pace retail & leisure take-up?
    They certainly don’t want the site to be finished with dozens of empty shells. But that would be really dangerous as their early sign-ups, such as M&S could simply walk away.
    However, as the fastest growing food retailer is M&S, they might stay at Blightwells (but at a price) to capitalise on this growth position. But then again, how much of M&S food sales are now online via Ocado? (clearly a significant amount as Ocado’s sales are up 35% since splitting with Waitrose.
    in 2019, M&S paid £750m for their 50% stake in Ocado Retail and are tipped to buy the remaining 50% by 2025 if good sales growth shows that to be prudent. So does M&S still want the bricks and mortar are Blightwells?

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