A letter to Guildford & Cranleigh’s MP Angela Richardson.

Is Angela Richardson still backing Boris? Is she still ignoring or acknowledging letters from villagers in the eastern villages?  She is turning her back on her constituents – will they soon be turning their backs on her?

Dear Ms Richardson

As ever hugely disappointed to have had to hear and read about the Conservative Party Games. I lost my father in March 2020 at St Peter’s Hospital, and whilst not directly related to Covid – we all knew there was Covid in the hospital before he died on 11th March 2020  – They even tried to send him home just days before his death to clear beds. Thankfully I was able to get there quick enough and stop his exit from the hospital – whilst he died peacefully there – we are not at peace with his death.

We also lost my beautiful sister-in-law in Feb 2021 to cancer – again, not a direct Covid case – But one that meant she did not receive the treatment she deserved in the months before her death, and we were unable to see her or her family before her death. She was the most genuine and wonderful sister, and I love and mourn her every day.

Both funerals were small – My father’s just nine of us – My lovey Andrea just 20.

These were both incredibly Important people in our lives, and for both of them, we were unable to pay our respects and share our grief in a way that was appropriate to Our families.

I am both appalled and disgusted at PM Johnson’s lack of care or respect for those of us that have lost families members and have to date, been unable to really celebrate with our larger family network.

I have always voted Tory for my sins, but whilst I know Boris has time before the next elections  – in memory of these two people I love  – I will never vote for the Conservatives again – unless they do the grownup thing and get rid of Boris. He has no conscience, and I am sure he feels this will all “blow away” – it won’t, and I, for one, will never forgive him.

As you know, I am not wildly thrilled with your take either – But you have the chance to do something that will redeem the Conservative party and show us you care.

I would also like to hear your views on the Conservatives’ relationship With Thakeham homes – which, as you know, we recently lost an appeal to in the Village of Alfold. It seemed from the little I could see online (It was NOT Recorded) it was a “done deal”, and they are always keen to promote their links to the Conservatives.

As in the Guardian Oct 2021

“Addressing a fringe meeting at the conference in Manchester last week, Tree said it was “very troubling” that Thakeham, which has given more than £500,000 to the Conservatives since 2017, had the most prominent stand at the entrance to the event, sponsored a meeting, hosted a drinks party and had its name on lanyards worn by everyone with a pass to the four-day event….”

We may not have elections any time soon – But I would suggest it may be in your best interests to look at how your constituents feel about this mess and make an attempt to do the right thing.

With all kind regards

Denise Wordsworth

A P.S from the Waverley Web.

Before the ink was even dry on the Government Inspector’s decision – Thakeham was advertising its new homes for sale in Alfold. It had obviously been prepared pre-decision.

Alfold set to go under more concrete as Waverley’s 5-year housing supply ruled at 4.01 years by Government Inspector

Thakeham even added a chirpy Robin onto the details to make everyone feel good about the bulldozers arriving soon? 


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  1. Sorry WW – I was just so Angry – and feeling V low about the whole thing. In Honesty I had forgotten the dates – Because that is what Covid has done to us all – You Simply go through life and just ask the Dog each day – if she knows what the day is……. to remind yourself. MY anger in the last couple of years has been fuelled by this and maybe I need anger-management – But it has just been so hard and I have not been a kind person because of it – and it has just kicked in – So I apologise too all (Except Boris and the Conservatives) for this

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