The new Dunsfold Park Garden Village Consultation has begun


2,600 new homes coming to Dunsfold soon?

Here’s how long it has taken so far! You couldn’t make it up. 2009 to 2021, and still not one spade in the ground!

Whether you are for or against it – it is just worth knowing that  ‘Your Waverley’ has approved a new Dunsfold Park Garden Village Supplementary Planning Document (SPD), which fast forwards a Planning Application for Dunsfold Park and its potential new owners. In outline, it WAS for 1800 new homes as a “Garden Village” it now proposes to increase this allocation to 2600  without details of how it will eventually appear.  Or, perhaps more importantly,  how the new owners will envisage its development will appear?

If you care or want to know more, look at the WBC Portal?  A link is provided below.

This will affect everyone in the eastern villages of Waverley. particularly Alfold and Dunsfold, the villages along the A281, including Bramley and all roads out of Cranleigh towards Horsham, Ewhurst, Shamley Green and Wonersh.
It will also impact the Surrey/Sussex border villages of Ellens Green and Rudgwick. Horsham District Council recently halted its ~Local Plan. However, the Government expects it to build 19,000 new homes in its Local Plan period, some of which are on the Surrey/Sussex borders.
The Dunsfold development alone could lead to a minimum of 4000-5000 more cars using the A281 Guildford to ~Horsham Road and roads into Cranleigh, where bridges have yet to be widened.
There would also be benefits once many of the new homes, some four storeys, are built.
These include A dedicated bus service, a school, shops, and, if health authorities agree – a new medical practice.   If you have elderly parents or young children at schools in and around Cranleigh, do take a look – as this new garden village will affect us all.

Have your say: To support the Dunsfold Park SPD consultation, we will be running a number of events for the community to view and ask questions on the document. Find out more on our website here

First up is an online webinar on Thursday 25 November 2021, 6 pm – 7:30 pm. This event will consist of a Zoom webinar with a presentation and a Q&A regarding the SPD. There is no limit on the number of attendees for this event. Please sign up via our Eventbrite page here


Good luck reading this very long report.

Dunsfold Park new settlement was granted Garden Village status by the Ministry of Housing, Community and Local Government (MHCLG) in 2019. In early 2021, Waverley was informed that the current owner (Trinity College Cambridge) sought to dispose of the site. The disposal programme is ongoing with an expectation that a new owner will be in place by the end of 2021.

Given the change in circumstance, it was deemed appropriate for Waverley Council to produce an SPD to support the policies of the local plan, setting out clear expectations and vision for the site considering the garden village status and giving clear guidance around a masterplan framework.

Allies and Morrison LLP was commissioned to undertake the work. This relates to the policies of the Local Plan and reflects the recent national design guidance set out in the National Model Design Code and the related guidance notes. 4.1 SPD content The SPD is intended to set a strategic, sustainable masterplan framework for the timely delivery of the garden village, building on the LPP1 policies, and agreed corporate vision for the site.

It will also adhere to the garden village principles. The masterplan framework will be supported by a more detailed design code section providing guidance to create an innovative, sustainable and high page 6 quality place for future residents, visitors, employers, and work

. Given the timeframes, a four-week consultation is proposed and will utilise the following tools. 

  • Direct letter to adjacent residents of the site (following normal development management processes); 
  • Direct letter to address points on Dunsfold Park, including the business park; 
  • Exhibitions to be held on two occasions over three days at a venue close to Dunsfold Park; 
  • Two facilitated workshops with an invited audience; 
  • Webinar and Q&A session; 
  • Recorded presentation to be accessible on the Waverley website, 
  • Advisory Group meeting (including the local Parish Council’s); 
  • Various press releases and social media updates. Whilst the consultation is targeted, anyone with an interest is welcome to participate. The comments will be collated, considered and used to inform any necessary changes to the SPD prior to adoption. 

Consultation commenced on Monday 15th November and ends on Monday 13th December.

The allocated site would be introduced by the Special Protection Areas in Waverley. It is therefore concluded that adoption of the SPD would not give rise to likely significant effects on the Thursley, Hankley & Frensham Commons (Wealden Heaths Phase 1) SPA, the Thursley, Ash, Pirbright & Chobham SAC, the Ebernoe Common SAC and The Men’s SAC. Therefore an Appropriate Assessment is not required.

Before adopting the SPD, determining the need for assessment under HRA must be subject to consultation with Natural England. This will happen as part of the more comprehensive public consultation.

DW. ​The cumulative effect on other Applications/Appeals in for Alfold/Dunsfold that will rely on this application for all the promises they propose – this one will not reduce the number of extra homes now proposed in nearby villages
DW  But drvelopers they will base the lack of any benefits to the nearby villages on this application. – Look at the imminent APPEALS.
DW  Thank you for recognising Alfold – Cllr Liz Townsend /Cllr Kevin Deanus – about time!
DW. Unless the shopping area has increased in this plan then it is tiny – please look at the size of the shopping space!
DW How can ensure that if you have multiple developers that there will be any sort of co-hesive development.   Will we have the shops/medical centres schools etc…?
DW. Four storey development next to the Area Of Outstanding Natural Beauty?????
DW.​ Concern must be expressed at the title of the new settlement as being “Dunsfold Park Garden Village” which is a misnomer. It is not a “Garden Village” and such use of the term misleads the public  Garden Villages built in the past are at lower densities allowing sufficient space between buildings for large trees to grow. The proposed modern housing estate layouts shown in the Masterplan bear no resemblance to more organic and less formal arrangement of buildings in Surrey and Sussex villages. In Dorset, Poundbury has many of the garden village attributes in place which are not reflected in this proposal”

4 thoughts on “The new Dunsfold Park Garden Village Consultation has begun”

  1. Well said DW.
    Neither WW nor the SPD mentions the affect on traffic to Godalming or to Milford ( the nearest railway station).
    Surely this 94 page document should have been produced by the developer when applying for planning permission. Waverley officers must have spent a fortune of time in its production instead of dealing with outstanding planning applications( big backlog).

  2. Mister Moo hits the spot. 83% of DGV residents are projected to commute to work. So straight away that is contrary to the criteria for being awarded Garden Village status. Without any public transport and Milford station 6 miles away this should never have been given such status.

  3. Well I duly watched the Webinar this evening – and whilst a slick – Marketing excercise – with a few answered questions – Nothing to get excited about and nothing more than the 90 odd pages on the website.

    We will basically get 3 Options:

    Scenario 1: Progress existing consent for 1,800 homes and make subsequent applications to realise full 2,600 home site

    Scenario 2: Review and expansion of consented scheme to realise full 2,600 homes

    Scenario 3. Preparation of new planning application in line with Policy SS7 and SS7a for 2600 New Homes

    It would seem that S3 is probably what the New Owners would prefer, But based upon the comments this evening 2600 Is a done deal as it is in LPP1 as an Allocation, so the only constraints will be this FLEXIBLE SPD!
    I am sure WBC would prefer Scenario 1 so they can crack on with 1800 Homes and work out the detail for the rest of the development as and when they come forward from a huge amount of Developers who will all be looking at this SPD and seeing that so long as they are Flexible….. Anything goes…

    I cannot see how Scenario 2 is an option unless they just carry it through Via this Consultation – which would be completely Skewed and undemocratic.

    The Original Outline and S106 had benchmarks for when the phases would be bought forward when monies would be paid out and the delivery of the Transport Infrastructure – If S1 is taken that will have to be enforced, if S2 or S3 it will have to be re-drawn surely as there will be 800 additional Houses??

    The fact that vast swathes of LPP1 have been ignored (see Alfold Min 125 Homes) now up to 343 via Consent and Won on Appeal. As mentioned previously with another 193 Homes Under Appeal and 30 New Home Applications that could take this Village to 566 New Homes. I believe the largest number of Homes for any of the LARGER Villages and about 1/3 of the allocation for Godalming/Milford…..

    LPP1 only seems to suit when WBC decide it is applicable – If they can vary so much here in Alfold – Why not at Dunsfold Park? Guess it is something to do with DP offering the largest number of homes for Waverley and thus negating the need for other towns and larger villages to take their fair share.

    Finally they make much of the wonderful “FACILITIES” on-site that will make this Development a “Destination” REALLY?. Retail and the Food & Bev Outlets by the time there are 332- 553 New Homes, and the new Residents waiting for 3 years before the Primary School is Built. But I am sure they can all cycle to Cranleigh/Loxwood.

    The figures from the Approved Outline (1800 New Homes) Indicated:

    Pre-school 350sqm Phased – 175sqm Year 3 and Year 6
    Primary School No Size – Phased – Year 3 and Year 6
    Jigsaw School 7800sqm – By year 5
    Medical Centre 800sqm – By Year 4
    Community Ctr. 800sqm – by Year 4
    Care Home 7500sqm – By Year 6
    Retail/Convenience – 1000sqm – 750sqm Year 3 & 250sqm Year 4 ( Slightly bigger than M&S in Cranleigh)
    Finance/Proffessional – 250sqm by Year 4
    Food & Bev Outlets – 900sqm by year 4
    Gen Office/R&D – 3700sqm – 1000sqm Phased Year 3, Year 5, Year 7

    The Planned Roll-out of Builds over 9 YEARS was:

    New Homes Tot. New Homes
    Year 1 110 110
    Year 2 111 221
    Year 3 111 332
    Year 4 221 553
    Year 5 252 805
    Year 6 330 1135
    Year 7 320 1455
    Year 8 343 1798
    Year 9 2 1800

    I just wish this was all more HONEST – so people could look forward to a New Garden Village that would have Affordable first homes as well as the higher end ones – But this is Not it and it will not just affect the local Villages, but Godalming/Witley and most obviously Cranleigh with their 1700 new Homes

  4. WW – Your Bally website always screws up my figures I will email you via your Contact email and see if you can make things a bit clearer the Hosuing rollout looks like Jibberish and it is kinda important!

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