Don’t you just love the residents of Cranleigh?

It’s official.  We understand from our followers over there in the largest village in England – or is it now the smallest town that their sense of humour is still intact?

Despite months of temporary traffic lights on almost every road, and one major route into the village across Run Common Road shut for three years.*  Led by their community board host Andy Webb (nothing to do with the WW), they appear to have no trouble hanging onto their sense of humour. They may have been without water, unable to flush the loo, but Cranleigh has no deadpan expressions. Its residents are made of stronger stuff.

Although their Christmas Lights were up before the Equinox, or perhaps our eagle-eyed informant hadn’t considered that they may have been up all year? 

Here’s is what Andy has come up with to celebrate Christmas.

Perhaps this has been sponsored by Thames Water that appears to be making quite an impact on the place?

  • The bridge on Run Common Road was closed by Surrey County Council almost three years ago, preventing anyone from getting off the A281 Guildford to Horsham Road onto the Guildford Road into Cranleigh and beyond.

However, we are reliably informed by a county council Mole that although it claimed it was a Badger Set that was causing all the problems preventing them from getting on with the work, it is great crested newts! However, we understand that it is nothing to do with the former wildlife it is that other marauding creature called – No F Money!


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