Another shedload of care home beds on their way to Hindhead?

Not if Waverley Planners have anything to do with it!

The Government wants developers to ‘build beautiful’, so when Western Planners saw this  Hindhead ‘ugly duckling,’ they squawked and ditched it.

Haslemere Mayor Simon Dear remarked.

“You have all seen Premier Inns that look better than this.”

Cllr Kika Miralees agreed.  There were already so many care homes in Hindhead ( boasting 500 beds) that it would look like a place you drive through where everybody dies.  The architecture of the building affected the lives of the people who lived there.

We know that architecture has a huge impact on how people feel about where they live…if you are at the end of your life wouldn’t be nice to be in an environment that is beautiful? 

Andrews of Hindhead didn’t stand a chance when the illustration of its proposed 74-bed care home went up. Despite officers recommending approval and claiming it would make a ‘positive contribution’ to the area.

Speaking for the applicant (apologies once again – no name.) The webcast was a mess), the agent said the care home with an Alzheimer’s floor and providing end of life care would take pressure off the GP’s and hospitals. Amberley Care was providing a multi-million-pound facility contributing to the 990 homes needed in Haslemere and Hindhead. 

Whoops, here comes another appeal?

A clip of what GP Edward Bell of Grayshott Surgery had to say on behalf of health officials, including Surrey Heartlands Trust will appear on a separate post. He said another nursing home in Hindhead… 

would be a catastrophic addition to local health care and would damage existing nursing homes, GP and residents’ services.

 The Western Planning Committee refused the scheme and asked the developer to go back to the drawing board. In the hope, the ugly duckling will fly away and come back as something looking more like a swan.

One thought on “Another shedload of care home beds on their way to Hindhead?”

  1. Planners said “it would make a positive contribution”. Why are they reading out the developer’s BS? Planning Officers are not meant to be the advocate nor agent for developers. Where is their independence? Waverley Planners are pathetic in the total lack of profession standards. Amateurs.

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