Watch out- COVID’s out and about and fighting to stay with us in Waverley!

For all our sakes as COVID infection rates rise in the borough start taking regular tests regardless of whether or not you have symptoms. The evil virus hasn’t gone away, and it isn’t going away any time soon.

COVID rates are still high in #Waverley, particularly in young people aged 17 – 21. It may be event season but please remember, COVID is still here and we need to continue to play our part to keep each other safe.
Do it for your parents and your grandparent’s sake, if not your own.
Testing regularly – even with no symptoms and even if you’ve been vaccinated, please take a Rapid Lateral Flow Test a couple of times a week
Get vaccinated – vaccines are working, and are available for everyone over 16, get booked up NOW  at
Get an NHS COVID Pass – whether you’re heading to an event or travelling abroad, having a COVID Pass will show your COVID-19 testing and vaccination status so you can gain entry.
Stay at home if unwell – reduce the risk of passing on other illnesses onto friends, family, colleagues, and other vulnerable members of your community.
Stay safe – remember to wash or sanitise your hands regularly Wear a face covering in crowded spaces Try to meet in well-ventilated spaces Be considerate with space, keep your distance where possible
For more information on testing, vaccinations and the COVID rates where you are, visit

2 thoughts on “Watch out- COVID’s out and about and fighting to stay with us in Waverley!”

  1. We know of far more people at the moment who have the virus or have recently had it, than we did in the height of the wave earlier this year. Enough said really… take care

    1. Thanks, C. We are aware of far more people who are now suffering from the virus than we did during the worst of the pandemic, some of whom are very poorly. All of whom are double vaccinated. – which is a bit of a worry.

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