Will Bojo be bumping elbows with Angela Richardson and sticking Jeremy back in the cabinet bunker where he longs to be?

Perhaps SW Surrey MP Jeremy Hunt, after praising the Prime Minister for finally… “biting the bullet,” believes Sajid is keeping the post warm for him in the imminent cabinet reshuffle?

The Hon Angie Richardson MP for Guildford and Cranleigh shared her concerns to the Prime Minister during the Social Care debate.   She sought some assurances where the lashings of extra tax would actually be spent?

Angie bobbed up and down for hours in the chamber and was finally rewarded by the Speaker.

She was not alone – NHS management prompted suspicion from a couple of MP’s.

Angela and Damian Green (Con, Ashford) demanded reassurances that all extra funding would reach the front line. She asked the Prime Minister to ensure that it wouldn’t be spent on more NHS “middle management.” Fair point Angie, we have all been wondering that. Well done for bringing that little hot potato up.

When it comes to our health service, additional funding tends to get swallowed faster than a slippery fish down a sea lion’s gullet.

The Department of Stealth & Total Obscurity has already begun recruiting 42 additional pen-pushing middle managers on salaries of up to £270,000 a year. Nice little earner? So your concerns were valid, Angie. The national insurance increases imposed on us hard-working plebs have already begun sliding towards the dark recesses of the wallets of yet more managers while the nursing staff satisfy themselves with the seed corn thrown at them. Is it any wonder they are either leaving or considering leaving the NHS snd Social Care in their droves?

 Hardworking taxpayers will foot a punishing bill from a hike in national insurance, taking the tax burden to a 70-year high. It’s not just employees but employers who will be hit hard too. There’s a reason that employers’ national insurance is called the “jobs tax” – it will increase the cost of hiring when we need employment to bounce back. This tax rise will only stifle job creation and wage increases.

So where will that £12 billion go?

We here at the Waverley Web started to think that for the first time since she arrived in Westminister, our MP, was not sycophantically following the Tory whips. Sadly later in the day, she spoiled her early concerns  by blaming previous Labour Governments for ‘not mending the roof when it began leaking.’ Blah, Blah, and more blah. No mention by you on the removal of the triple lock on your elector’s pensions or taxes on their dividends – pity about that.

Oh well, another shedload of our Waverley MPs’ manifesto promises down the pan!

One thought on “Will Bojo be bumping elbows with Angela Richardson and sticking Jeremy back in the cabinet bunker where he longs to be?”

  1. Personally feel it is the right thing to do, happy to pay more into society. Yes it’s a broken manifesto promise but it’s fair to say that the situation has changed in a totally unprecedented way.

    Don’t think Ms Richardson should be blaming a government that was in power over a decade ago – yes they were awful – but the Conservatives have had a decade to work at it.

    Trying to work out if I will be affected by the hike. You mention hardworking taxpayers, I pay my taxes – but in truth I’m quite lazy.

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