Blightwells, Farnham’s premier retail development delayed until 2022

Our town mole has discovered that the grand Blightwells Autumn opening has slipped until Spring 2022.

How many slips exactly is that now?

Meanwhile, the rest of Farnham is thriving with new coffee shops opening –  a debut yoghurt shop and… a butcher!

Will that get Waverley out of the sticky brown stuff?!
Oh, dear! There we were all dolled up and now, nowhere to go. We listened to The Portfolio Holder for Planning Cllr Andy MacLeod wax lyrical recently about how well things were going to plan for the Autumn opening of Blightwells. Some of our WWebbers and followers were choosing their best bibs and tuckers in preparation for the grand opening and then Wam bang along comes yet another delay. How many delays is that exactly?
Cllr MacLeod said:
“At all costs, Brightwells must be a success.
So the cash registers won’t be ringing soon in the 28 shops and restaurants, despite Crest Nicholson giving Waverley an upbeat message on all those businesses they were confident of signing up? However,  we hear there is lots of interest in the new development that Cllr Andy says must be a success. Let us all hope for the taxpayers’ sake that Surrey County Council and Waverley Borough Council’s big white hope doesn’t become a big white elephant. There were 6,000 objections to this toxic scheme 20 years ago when first mooted by Waverley’s Tory administration.
However, things are going well in the Farnham Town shopping scene.
New restaurants and coffee shops are opening, and a butcher a baker, but so far no candlestick maker.
A few weeks ago we asked?
Perhaps now that Waverley’s Leader (Paul Follows) and a few other Waverley councillors have joined the growing band of opposition members at County Towers we may find out exactly how much was invested in this unpopular development. A development that is now head and shoulders above Farnham’s once lovely market town?
We still haven’t heard, perhaps that piece of information is being well hidden from prying eyes, even if you are a new county councillor?

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