Will Wetherspoons be a bonanza for Blightwells – but a bummer for Farnham pubs?

Here’s our very own Waverley Web  Sticker Book update on the state of play on Surrey County Council’s  £59m (?) retail investment which …

“must, at all costs, become a success.”

It is rumoured that the major and imaginative  national pub chain Wetherspoons may be taking three retail spaces and knocking them together, in the controversial Blightwells Yard development. If so, it could help Surrey fill a big black hole, or a green one for the WW?  However, perhaps not so much a welcome addition for all the other pubs in Farnham? Pubs that have just gone through one of the most challenging periods in their history.
 There was a pub in the vicinity before the bulldozers moved in heralding the demise of the much-loved Marlborough Head. 
Perhaps Weatherspoons, which is taking over failing pubs all over the country post pandemic, will call their new outlet in the middle of a residential area – the New Marlborough Head?

Other than that there are no more tenants  now than there were when we last updated our sticker book.  So the Waverley Web will do its bit for the borough and publicise the vacancies as part of our civic duty.

PS. Sainsbury’s has been there for years and ASK has gone down the Pizza Pan. 

Perhaps now that Waverley’s Leader (Paul Follows) and a few other Waverley councillors have joined the growing band of opposition members at County Towers we may find out exactly how much was invested in this unpopular development. A development that is now head and shoulders above Farnham’s once lovely market town?

Like it or loathe it – Blightwells – MUST succeed.

When Farnham Residents’ Surrey County Councillor Andy MacLeod was re-elected in the recent county elections with an increased majority he said: 

“We inherited this project which most of us didn’t want but we have to make Brightwells successful. Somehow or another we will do that.”

 Q  If Wetherspoons makes its big move, will it be a success for Farnham or a success for the chain’s shareholders?



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  1. This is an old rumour in Farnham ever since three adjoining retail units were given A4 licenses about a year ago,

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