FAT CATS and Money, money and more money…

Following yesterday’s Daily Mail revelations and WW’s local angle. Here’s a little more to wet your appetite.   However, before WW goes off on one – do you remember the good old days when public service was adequately rewarded for a good job well done? Well now the Fat Cats are living on salaries and gold-plated pensions that most of us in the private sector can only dream of…WHY? Because us dummies allow them to get away with it.

And…can someone out there explain why it takes investigative journalists and the TaxPayers Alliance to expose all these pigs with their snouts deep in the trough?

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But WW followers …resist the temptation to ask a question or you may end up like one man about whom we posted a video recently. Scroll back, watch,  and be warned.

Who was  in the CE role at the time of the FOI request?  None other than Mrs Mary (Orton) Pett; Paul, known at Waverley as, “Weasel Wenham,” Damien, “The Dark One” Roberts, and Graeme Clark, plus the heads of services. Most of whom were given a salary uplift after MOP’s “departure,”  so that she could spend more time at her home in France.

By National standards, the Golden Boys actually look quite cheap. However, they have consistently failed to achieve the objectives of the Corporate Strategy for the past decade e.g. Local Plan, East Street, Farnham etc; and WW can’t imagine any of them getting half their WBC salary  in the private sector. If you disagree, tell us at contact@waverleyweb.org.

We guess : “It is the rising price of incompetence”

or, perhaps it is the cost of retaining people who have no moral compass and know where the skeletons are buried – as is the case with MOP’s PA.

Note: MOP only worked a few months in 2013/14 before being removed, yet was paid two year’s salary plus benefits. £250K,  a lot of money for a few months of hardly ever turning up, and begs the question WHY was she removed? At the time councillors were sworn to secrecy… yet another secret meeting?

That is why the Mail’s Freedom Of Information request found one WBC officer in the £250K bracket – It seems that someone else was also made redundant when MOP went, receiving £25K? We wonder who that was? It certainly wasn’t MOP’s PA. She  was de-moted to the housing department after some shabby treatment by The Weasel and the Dark Man who thought  it  prudent to keep her close! The DM brought in  his old PA  from the council  he left  in mysterious circumstances.

You’ll see “the DM” received a very nice pay rise – around 8% when the staff received peanuts and “The Weasel” even more. He jumped  into MOP’s boots/office -bigger than most people’s homes, complete with en-suite shower room. Remember when the man at the top of a local council was called – “The Town Clerk?” No doubt along with fancy titles comes fancy salaries, private health insurance, en-suite offices…Didn’t we read somewhere in the press that WBC  stopped funding Age Concern Waverley? reduce funding for staff in the borough’s old people’s sheltered units –  whilst giving councillors a hefty increase in their allowance.

However,  WBC and SCC (two attendance allowances there) councillor David Munro, who wants to take the top job at The Plod has suggested recently on his SCC blog:

Screen Shot 2015-11-11 at 16.54.43

Now that does sound a good idea, bet its gone down like a lead balloon at WBC. Congratulations David Munro, Amalgamate Guildford BC (just lost its Leader; Waverley lost its CEO Last year and now has a Weasel working for them (until he retires with a big fat Golden Retirement package that he makes no secret he wants), with Woking Borough Council. That would save us all a bob or two…or..three…a million…

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