Does Surrey County Council have its very own black hole?

It certainly does- and many millions pounds of our money are about to be sucked into it !

Ask Farnham residents?

Screen Shot 2017-08-23 at 21.34.5620882580_10155604849176613_1433340871695597669_n

These are the most recent letters (there are lots more) taken from the Farnham Herald and Haslemere Herald that still manage to put out amazing letters pages.


One thought on “Does Surrey County Council have its very own black hole?”

  1. SCC and WBC will never have their listening ears on about this project. Our money is being washed down the drain and WBC and SCC electorate will continue to vote them in. Because they are unable to divorce themselves from believing that TT’s are the answer, unless of course you live in Farnham.

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