Our popular Farnham town centre pub is about to become a…?

Works are underway at the Marlborough Head Pub in Farnham. 

According to Waverley Borough Council, the traditional look of the building is being protected, with the front and side facades to be retained. 


The roof is being removed to be surveyed and will be preserved where possible, while the inside of the building will be reconfigured to create new commercial premises. 


Here’s what it once looked like, when we all enjoyed a drink in the lovely old pub. And the picture below shows what ‘Your Waverley’ did under the previous administration.


Just in case you wondered, Crest Nicholson is still searching for tenants – and according to our moles in CNS’s little holes in Blightwells Yard. There are no more now than there were over a year ago! So the Waverley Web will do its bit for the borough and publicise the vacancies as part of our civic duty.

PS. Sainsbury’s has been there for years and ASK has been going down the Pizza Pan in most towns in the country!

Screen Shot 2019-08-09 at 22.40.48.png




3 thoughts on “Our popular Farnham town centre pub is about to become a…?”

  1. What with the lower demand in this modern age, with online shopping and Post Brexit recessions, they will be forced to convert all those vacant shops into “much needed” “affordable” housing.
    But because they were originally planned as shops there will be no need for pesky minimum space standards or other hindrances. It’s just a coincidence that flats are more profitable to rent than shops…

  2. Well – if that is the case, perhaps we could have our much-loved Marlborough Head pub back?
    Who in their right mind builds shops these days, Ah! yes, Surrey County Council does with their pensioners money. Three cheers for Surrey County Council, and the former pension trustee – Farnham’s Denise Le Gal!

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