Cheeky or what? Tories county candidate and MP stick themselves outside his Lib Dem opponents house!

Tory hopeful Frank Young is marching towards Surrey County Council with a big list of road and pavement repairs in his hand. But first, he sticks himself and his MP buddy outside the home of his opponent wannabe county councillor Penny Rivers for a photo op! Dumb and dumber are hitting the streets. 

However, this isn’t his great big long list for road and pavement improvements. This is his election leaflet!  Is he leaving his list for later?

Whisper who dares? Someone, please tell the poor bloke that his party has held power at Surrey County Council and the workings of its highways department in a stranglehold for donkey’s years! 

Here in the link below is a little sample of what he’s up against. This is just a taste of what his Tory masters at County Towers haven’t been doing for years in Godalming and elsewhere? 

Is Surrey County Council helping our high streets to flourish?

And here’s what his running mate looks like:

Does a wannabe county councillor show Godalming’s electorate how to multitask?
Pretty pushy of our Member of Parliament Jeremy Hunt filming this video promoting Frank Young… literally next door to the Liberal Democrat SCC candidate Penny Rivers’s house by Farncombe Station! Another yard to the left and they would have captured her poster!
Naughty – naughty – play nicely Jeremy or are you just desperate to stop the onward march of the yellow-perils that are casting their nets widely across the borough of Waverley in a bid to change the face of Surrey County Council? It has been a long time coming – but could change soon be here?
if the camera angle had panned out a bit more it would have shown a bright orange Lib Dem poster!
Here’s the clip. – Personally, our lot here at the Waverley Web-preferred the video that follows  – a novel way to make a truly memorable announcement. 

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