Is Surrey County Council helping our high streets to flourish?

You can bet the last pound of your county council tax that it is doing nothing for our pavements here in Godalming. The very same pavements where shoppers dare to tread.

Apart of course, from using them as a useful canvas for Surrey’s council workers colouring skills!

While pretty pavement decorations have been installed right along Godalming’s high street showing people where to “Q” outside shops and colourful marker dots 2 metres apart – STILL the dreadfully dangerous half upturned paving slab (which can be just seen in the distance next to the white car at the end of Wharf Street) has still NOT been repaired.


It has had an orange dot indicating the authorities are aware for 10 days now … surely someone could have taken time out from painting the letter “Q” everywhere, in order to repair this death trap.  But it just seems to have been ignored.  Close up photo below.

Mind the Step – or break your neck!?!

So is it any wonder that as Two Godalming Councillors have revealed in the table below, that shops are closing.

Dangerous roads and pavements don’t help. Get To Surrey Cllrs Follows and Rivers and sort the place out – BEFORE OUR HIGH STREET COLLAPSES?

Not going – GONE!
M & Co is the latest victim. The  men’s/women’s/kids clothing store with homeware has been part of the high street for years. The only place you could get reasonable price fashion goods, plus bedding, household ornaments/gifts etc. Lots of branches countrywide. It went into administration last August but some branches survived and remained open presumably rescued by a buyer.  However, the long closure this time and issues with the landlord seem to be the cause of it being unable to re-open – very sad.  As one customer (Christine) told the Waverley Web: 
 We won’t have any shops left open in Godalming soon. IT IS COMING TO SOMETHING WHEN EVEN THE CHARITY SHOPS CAN’T SURVIVE.”







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