A Cranleigh development dubbed as “awful & objectionable” has been approved.

The Cranleigh development of a former lettuce nursery dubbed as one of the worst designs Waverley councillors had ever seen forced the developers back to the drawing board. Now, following improvements, it now has now been given planning consent.

Voting: 7 votes in Favour – 6 Against and Two Abstentions.

Planning Consultant Patrick Arthurs admitted that the previous design was… “a bit brutal.” Adding … “Although the local ward members still don’t like it, they admit it is better, with a softer appearance.”

So that’s alright then – something going up that Cranleigh can be proud of?

However, the three-phase development known as the Knowle Park Initiative will still include three-storey apartment blocks!

Two of which will be considerably higher than an adjacent business building called Europa House owned by Whitesales.   

In 2017 Waverley Planners gave consent for 265 homes to be built.

One site off Alfold Road in Knowle Park – for 74 dwellings with an emergency access road (WA2016/2207) was to have included affordable homes. These were pulled out and all the affordable homes put into the 118 home second phase scheme by A2 Dominion on the other side of the Alfold Road.  A third phase will be completed by 2026 – exactly 10 years since the application was lodged.

A Cranleigh development dubbed as ‘ awful and objectionable’ has been thrown out by Waverley planners. 

Top picture – what the apartment block might have looked like… and below what it will look like!  The apartment block is described as 2.5 storeys and as you will see it is actually a three-storey block.

So whose kidding who?

Here below are examples of Cranleigh properties which is what the eastern area planning committee was told by ‘Consultant Planning Officer’ Patrick Arthurs that the latest re-design was based upon. 

As you will no doubt see – the new builds in Alfold Road, have a striking resemblance to the properties featured below?

Cllr Martin D’Arcy – said he was “very disappointed” with the new design which had the same Stalinist approach as before and the developer’s de-minimus approach to the re-design in 2021 would be getting no vote or kudos from him.

Officer Arthurs said: “The development met current guidelines and developers could not be asked to do more.”

A Government Commission says councils ‘ should shame developers of the worst housing plans.’

Alfold’s Cllr Kevin Deanus said the state of Alfold Road was atrocious and the chicane of a Give Way at Elmbridge Road was downright dangerous. “There are already fisticuffs down there on Elm bridge and it just gets worse and worse.”

3 thoughts on “A Cranleigh development dubbed as “awful & objectionable” has been approved.”

  1. It is a Horrible design and even a child could have done better with a few crayons… All they have done is add a few eves and change the colour.

    I love the way the Planning report states that there are a few single-story buildings – Yes there are – they are GARAGES!
    I really feel for Cranleigh

    1. How right you are Denise. Surely Cranleigh people deserve something better than this. Wasn’t it Robert Jenrick the Secretary of State that said developers will have to build “beautiful” buildings in the future? Why have the planners rolled over and allowed this once country road to become one big housing estate? It was quite obvious that the planning consultant Patrick Arthurs didn’t like it any more than we did. Is this really what the KPI Initiative wanted to achieve. Shame on them for imposing this on the people of West Cranleigh.

  2. Robert Jenrick wouldn’t know know Appropriate design if it bit him on his Ar*s – Useless

    This sort of Hideous design should have been shot into the long grass ages ago and it wasn’t and I am a ashamed by those that approved it – No Doubt they do NOT live in Cranleigh – If they do they agreed because of Politics to get housing through and nothing to do with making New Housing Beautiful – This is NOT Good design it is shoddy childish Rubbish and as a Planning decision on Reserved Matters should have been better and I am afraid – Government Housing needs EXCEED Design Standards.

    Just Sh1T! I will go and check the Voting and just make sure I am not wrong if I am I will apologise. I simply do not understand why we have Design Standards that are not Met – What is the Point???
    As ever
    Grumpy Alfold Person

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