Is the “Nasty Party’ on form in Godalming?

You couldn’t Adam and Eve It could you?


Bang slap in the heart of a pandemic, with families struggling to make ends meet, while family members suffer or die of COVID than the Terrible Tory Twins ride again!
Here at the Waverley Web, we couldn’t believe that if only for the reason that we are within months of the county council elections,  the Tory Group on Godalming Town Council would have supported extending the life of the Community Store. But no – not even for political reasons, let alone compassionate reasons, would they support the continuing use of the Wilfred Noyce Centre of this valuable life-line until May.

Ah! lest we forget – Cllr Peter Martin, who also abstained from the vote, isn’t standing for the county seat – so no probs there then?

Tory Steve Cosser, was apparently concerned about committing the centre for the foreseeable future as it was used by ‘hundreds and hundreds of members of the community’ and the valuable community asset should be made available to them.

Wakey, wakey Cllr Cosser – hasn’t anyone told you that for the foreseeable future the community at large won’t be meeting up anywhere soon. Most of us are too damned scared.

Because now we all know someone who has either died, is languishing in a hospital bed or is suffering symptoms of post-COVID. We also have family members working around the clock until they drop – caring for the afflicted or rocking up to their doors following emergency calls! Although Tory’s worried wealthy may have to miss a Pilates class, spare a thought for all those who are experiencing job losses, reduced hours, or have been furloughed or made redundant.

The Nasty Party Rides again?

Cllr Cosser said the Wilfred Noyce Centre was important to the mental health of residents by way of the activities it provided. Absolutely – right! Very Important! But not right here and not right now.  You know what Cllr Cosser, the mental-health of residents’ unable to feed and care for their families is a very real mental health issue too. Going without Zumba – isn’t in the big scheme of things – a huge sacrifice. Neither is it vital for mental health. All are available online and elsewhere.

Crystal ball gazing?

By committing the centre for its present use until two months after furlough ends, is “unwise” says he, the owner of a crystal ball.   Does he actually know when furlough will end?  With the horrifying infection rates and deaths presently being suffered it is unlikely that normal service will not be resumed any time soon. Does his crystal ball tell him what the effect will be on Godalming people when furlough ends?

Another point of view.


Cllr Alex Adam feared the worst was yet to come in terms of redundancies and people would need support once the furlough system ends.

“I predict that this time next year the rubber is going to hit the road,” he said. “When all the [Government] support has been taken away, that’s when it’s really going to be bad.”

He asked whether Godalming Town Council had any longer-term plans for supporting people once the furlough scheme finishes?

“This isn’t going to go away,” he said. “This time next year, I think, is going to be a lot worse than this year.”

Cllr Follows said that he would like to see the council provide a “successor entity” to deal with not only the economic consequences of the pandemic but also deal with the latent need for a Godalming food bank that had existed before the pandemic.”

Although Cllr Cosser and Cllr Martin abstained from the vote to extend the period – they did vote to engage with other community groups to ascertain the level of need.

Cllr Cosser said, “What I am really trying to push for is a tightening up of our processes going forward, to try and ensure that what’s not really a responsibility of this council is transferred to another group, so that we don’t run the risk of losing the benefit of the Wilfrid Noyce Centre.”

“Let’s make absolutely sure that we don’t have people going hungry. Let’s make sure we don’t prejudice that, by making sure we provide this in another way,” he said.


Cllr Paul Follows. 
So what did Council Chairman Paul Follows have to say after the meeting?
“Rarely am I speechless at the end of a town council meeting – but watching the Godalming Conservatives ABSTAIN on a vote to continue the Town Council support for the Godalming and Villages Community store, during the height of a pandemic and its economic consequences is one of those times.
Fortunately, they are in the minority and so that support continues.
The community in its generosity in food, donations and time (with support from the town council in terms of a building, staff and organisation) has helped so many over this pandemic. It is needed more than ever.
Thank you to all the volunteers who work in the store and those who donate.”
Cllr Paul Follows
Leader, Godalming Town Council

3 thoughts on “Is the “Nasty Party’ on form in Godalming?”

  1. In the forthcoming County Elections, if you’ve half a mind to vote for the Nasty Party, don’t worry that’s all you need.

  2. I walked past the Wilfrid Noyce the other day on the way to pick up my prescription and there were two large trollies full of goods sitting outside the door awaiting collection which is wonderful to see. Generosity abounds.
    But maybe the sniffy un-public-spirited councillors think that looks untidy!
    Maybe they think the trollies have been “abandoned” along with the ever-increasing pile of fly tipped recycling in the area etc etc…

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