There was a little Spider – his name we do not know.


William is a spider – with a team of three or four?

He’s tucked behind the curtains and the door.

He moves about with stealth and ease – and once a year –

 with others – moves into Waverley’s Christmas Trees.

Among the twinkling lights, William and the others – spin their glistening webs – 

No-one sees them do it! – They are all in bed.

They cover most of Waverley – despite the fallen trees,

Exhausted by their efforts – they fall upon their knees.

Avoiding all the diggers and HGV’s, William made his way back to Farnham,

to his favourite Christmas tree.

It’s there that you will find him like a shining a star.

So – when next you see a spider   – be grateful, jump about and shout with glee,

Cos it isn’t every day there’s a homemade spider star – atop your Christmas tree.

4 thoughts on “There was a little Spider – his name we do not know.”

  1. Merry Christmas to the mysterious spider William and his team of three or four
    Once Christmas is done & dusted it will be time to weave your web once more!

    1. We are poets – and we didn’t know it. Merry Christmas John – and thank you for your wise comments and your support. It keeps our team going.
      We wish you a very Happy, Healthy New Year. WW

  2. Merry Christmas WW – You may be a pain in the Butt – But you keep us all informed and for that I Do send you Seasons Greetings – I hope you and the team have a fabby Christmas & New year and look forward as ever to your Posts

  3. Thank you Denise – and we know that for many, we are a pain in the butt. But like all spiders we take criticism on the chelicerae – and just keep weaving our Waverley Web.

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