Surrey’s chief constable congratulations residents.

Gavin Stephens has given a huge pat on the back to Surrey residents for sticking to the rules.

The Chief Constable has congratulated residents for their low level of pandemic breaches during the latest lock-down. Despite many of us feeling gloomy about yet another reduction of freedom in our lives due to the coronavirus. The freedom we had begun to take for granted after the long Summer lockdown.

Surrey’s first COVID data dashboard released.

Since the latest lockdown which began on March 23, the Surrey force has issued 520 fixed penalty notices for breaking the COVID-19 regulations.

Surrey’s Chief Constable Gavin Stephens

Three of those were for breaching the self-isolation rules. One for a parent whose child did not quarantine and someone who had arrived from abroad.

There have been no large parties or events so, as yet, no  £10,000 fines have been issued.

Six £200 tickets were issued over the weekend after the second lockdown started.

One breach was to someone travelling from outside the county and others to men all aged between 22 to 35, with “no reasonable excuse for being out and about”. 


Let’s all keep it up?


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