Surrey’s first COVID data dashboard released.


Nine long months – and now we get the data to help us all understand and regulate our behaviour. 

Surrey County Council has issued its first data dashboard highlighting the latest figures for cases of COVID-19 in the county.

The figures show both the number of new cases and the rate of infection for the last 7 days in each borough and district.

Perhaps if the county council hadn’t spent so much of its time and large sums of taxpayers’ money on an unannounced policy to launch its bid to become a behemoth unitary authority, it could have provided this information earlier?

 Does it make sense to abolish local government at borough level at exactly the time when boroughs are being asked to prepare to be the front line of tracing COVID contacts through the winter and are generally supporting their residents?

 The Government, County Council and many of the borough councillors are Conservative. We, the voting fodder are paying for them all to squabble among themselves. Wouldn’t it be good if they concentrated on the real problems – notably COVID and the impending impact of Brexit – facing us? 

Thankfully the county council elections will now go ahead in May 2021.

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