Ignore village leaders and the public at your peril Cranleigh Village Health Trust.


CVHT care home refused in 2019. An appeal lodged in 2020. A new planning application lodged in June 020 - potponed in October 2020 until????d in 2019 Appealed in 2020 - Appeal withdrawn in 2020 and new planning application submitte in June 20 and now postponed untild
CVHT Private Care Home refused in 2019, appealed in 2020. The appeal was withdrawn in October 2020. New Planning application lodged in June 2020 – postponed in October 2020 – until???

Is the charity behind a bid to build a private care home and a residential development on former parish land ignoring Cranleigh village leaders and its donors?

Silence has been anything but golden for Cranleigh Parish Council – a former partner -of the Cranleigh Village Hospital Trust – which has now morphed into The Cranleigh Health Trust (CVHT.) It has failed in its repeated attempts to get answers to its concerns for many months.

Now – The Cranleigh Village Hospital Campaign Group, which is backed by many thousands of villagers, many of whom were donors, claim it to is being ignored. But will not sit idly by any longer!

Campaign leader Andy Webb has written to the CVHT informing it that the group he leads wants to be included in any further discussions it has with Cranleigh Parish Council. It believes it has the mandate to speak on behalf of villagers, following a pre-COVID public meeting held at the village hall in September 2019. It also has a petition with over 5,000 signatures calling for a halt to the charity’s 20-year battle. 

It also has the backing of the many hundreds of residents in the eastern villages who have objected to the Trust’s latest scheme. The Trust has a current live planning application with partner HC-One To build a private care home, and 16 community beds, and a residential block of flats for Surrey’s care workers. This despite the fact that all key stakeholders including – The Royal Surrey Hospital; The Integrated Care Partnership and Surrey Heartlands Trust have all withdrawn their support. Surrey County Council has also jumped ship. The Trust chairman has also publicly confirmed that it has no operator signed up for the private care home but would find a suitable partner once planning consent has been given.

Whose left to back a Cranleigh Charity’s bid to build a private care home?

So here you have it! Cranleigh Nursing Home circa 2001/2021?

However, according to Andy Webb, The Campaign Group’s leader, the e-mail requesting to be included in any further discussions has not, as yet, received a reply.

The Trust’s media company – Bamford Media was also asked for a statement regarding confirmation that CVHT has withdrawn its appeal against Waverley Planners earlier refusal for a larger scheme. But again, has received no response.

The Waverley Web (which has no connection with Andy Webb) received the following statement.

On 24 Oct 2020, at 08:43, Andy Webb <andy@andywebbphotography.com> wrote:

Dear WW, 

The reason I started this campaign was in memory of my mum and to get some answers for the community who have given their time and money to a charity which promised us a new fully functioning hospital and day hospital. 


Even after the hospital was a distant memory the charity still called themselves Cranleigh Village “Hospital” Trust which was very misleading to the public who were still donating money to them. 

Now, even though the CVHT has withdrawn its appeal against the “Not For Local Residents” Community Beds and Private Care Home, the fight to stop the new planning application continues. 

We have been pushed aside and kept in the dark for so long. We have been blocked on the CVHT social media platforms, read their so called myth busters and who was responsible for all of this?  None other than the media company they use to offload more garbage than an overfilled refuse truck. 

They have tried to dismiss the petition I set up but failed as everything was done legally and above board. 

They tried to play down the amount of money the public raised and what it was misspent on.

Even though the original landowner retained the strip of land around the Bruce McKenzie Field they deny it is classed as a ransom strip. 


What is the old saying? You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you cannot fool all of the people all of the time.

With stakeholders pulling out and CVHT now desperately looking at hospices and other charities to dig them out of a hole, it proves that their proposals are not viable. 

As the community and local organisations have donated £1.8m to the charity we (the public) are classed as major stakeholders and therefore should be treated as such. 

It is now time for us to have our say in any future CVHT plans with the newly formed Cranleigh Village Hospital Stakeholder Campaign Group. 


With so many supporters and with petitions totalling nearly

5000 signatures we are more than just a few loud voices. 

With everyone working together we have a chance of stopping this application and if we are successful the Paddock Field must be returned to the parish and kept as a much needed green space. 


We will never give up on this and I would personally like to  thank everyone for their continued support and much valued help with the campaign. 


Our next step is to get as many objections against the planning application and to get the petition signed by as many people as possible. 

Our aim is to stop this planning application being approved once and for all and have the Paddock Field returned to the parish. Also, if any of the Charities money remains it should be donated to the League of Friends of The Cranleigh Village Hospital. After all, the community donated its money towards a Hospital/Day hospital and not a commercial venture. 

Please click on the link to submit your objections to the planning application. 

Here is the link to the petition.


To have your say please join our Facebook Cranleigh Village Hospital Stakeholder Campaign Group. 

here is the link


Kind Regards, Andy Webb.

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