Nobody says it better – than the Farnham Herald.

The King of Buy-To-Let has his say on housing numbers.

Well! He would, wouldn’t he? Because if the Waverley Borough sinks under a pile of concrete he won’t be wearing ‘Boris The Builder’s’ boots! Jeremy Hunt MP for SW Surrey, just might for fear of losing his seat, finally put his vote where his mouth is? However, on the other side of the borough, MP Angela Richardson has already warned the Guildford and Villages, voters… 

“To be careful what they wish for.” As they may end up with Guildford becoming a ‘high rise town.’ So she’s backing Boris – because if he asks her to jump – she shouts out – “how high.”

Jeremy Hunt who opposed building on the largest brownfield site in the borough of Waverley, and has sat back for years watching our countryside disappear.

And here’s what the man, who wants to fill Jeremy’s boots has to say: Paul Follows;  deputy leader of ‘Your Waverley’ who recently revealed the efforts the new coalition has made to increase the numbers of affordable homes in the borough. A task which will be made more difficult if the new Government White Paper is voted through.


How ‘Your Waverley’s’ housing honchos just ‘Kept Calm and Carried On’ during COVID.


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