A wake-up call to MP Angela Richardson and all who sail with her.

Alfold is Full come back in 2032… Please?

If only everyone took as much notice and was as concerned about Alfold as Denise Wordsworth. The virtual newcomer is passionate about the Surrey/Sussex border village.

Denise Alfold


Dear Alfold Parish Council,


I am writing to YOU but copying in random MP’s/Councillors that I have never met and quite possibly never will –  until election time – so just thought I would try to be a little more inclusive.

 I know we are a tiny Village – with a tiny voice – but sometimes I think we need to  Shout-Out. We are all concerned about COVID -19. However, life goes on and so do developers who hope that no-one will notice whilst we are preoccupied with the pandemic that the Government has issued a White Paper. A document that says put your land into 3 tiers Good, Better and BEST –  Bit like COVID really!!

WW Link: A few things you should know about the government’s new planning White Paper.

There is little to address the concerns of villages like ours. Villages that are unsustainable with NO: Doctors/Dentists/Schools/or decent shops within walking distances. Everyone that moves here will have to DRIVE. Our roads are rubbish and we have NO TRAIN STATION  within 10 miles … apart from fairy fantasy ideas of re-establishing the old train Network…


We have multiple applications in this little Village that INSPECTORS regularly allow on appeal because the borough doesn’t have a 5 year Plan.

WW link: That man in Bristol has been busy dumping homes on Alfold – again! So it’s OK to DUMP Housing on this LITTLE village because the Borough doesn’t have a 5 year Plan??  Why stick it all here in. Cranleigh/Alfold/Dunsfold ??  

 It is Wrong – But it is EASY!  Dunsfold was the biggest Brownfield site (DISPUTE)  and the rest of the Borough said, ‘YES not in our town.’  So Waverley put the majority her in the eastern villages with a Minor A road A281 to Guildford/Horsham.

Our little semi-rural village is being bombarded by developers hoping that no one will notice – and they are right. No one does because they are suffering from FATIGUE – and have lost the will to care. Even the developers forget they have development rights as they appear to be LAND- BANKING!

This is the sort of feedback I get from people that genuinely care about the village – but have simply lost the will.

I told this person – I was fed up too – however, I keep trying as I do care about this village.  But, he has a point not everyone is an anal-retard like me who spends a ridiculous amount of time looking at this stuff.  I also told him I was giving up!  But I can’t! We moved here in our 50’s for our dog and a better life.  Alfold is a wonderful Village despite limited facilities,  which is fine for us, but hardly fine for people with young families needing to commute to London or other towns. There are no Trains and bus services are so limited as to be worse than useless.

This is the latest list of applications for our Village of 450 Homes (2011 Census) which I am afraid takes us so over the limit that it is ridiculous.

When a TOWN has shops doctors, Trains etc that is fine. Our Little Village doesn’t.  There is  NO Get GREEN BELT protection because we are COUNTRYSIDE BEYOND THE GREENBELT. This means we are Rural and do not need URBAN SPRAWL protection – but obviously, we do –  as Government Inspectors seem to think it is fine to give our small village over 200% of the allocation that was designated in the Local Plan. It is time to get angry about this now and I am afraid the village needs others’ support as they have lost the Will and NOBODY cares.

Well, I bally well do – so about time our MP’s started looked at US and doing something (Given the Covid Problem) If that is an issue – Pause all Planning applications until they can be taken seriously!  This is not Rocket science is it?

It’s  about time that Westminster and Surrey recognised these issues and until you do – I will certainly look forward to voting elsewhere next May – It saddens me but I see no other way. You have allowed a beautiful village to be screwed over by developers and we have more coming and no-one knows anything about it – Watch out WILDWOOD GOLF COURSE!


Denise Wordsworth


6 thoughts on “A wake-up call to MP Angela Richardson and all who sail with her.”

  1. Oh…… someone who actually cares!!!!!!! We are in a similar position in Cranleigh, apart from the fact we do have doctors and schools . The highway infrastructure and lack of decent transport means we are almost in permanent lockdown, because trying to get anywhere else is nigh on impossible unless you’re prepared to sit for hours in traffic holdups just to get to a railway station.

    1. One of our mob tried to visit someone in Cranleigh recently and was so late for the appointment he gave up and went back to his office. Is it always that bad?

  2. Margaret
    I know what you mean – I hardly ever drive into Cranleigh any more. It used to be a quick drive now it can take 1/2hr. The CRC still only takes Green waste so people are asking for Men with vans to drive their stuff – Presumably to Witley – increasing the traffic to other villages even more – but there you need a permit so no wonder fly-tipping is on the increase.

    As for our Local MP – I am afraid I have never met her and presumably never will as she seems to spend more time on Westminster Business than on what is going on in her own Villages

  3. We are putting out a call for anyone who may have received a response from the MP? However, we have heard from numerous residents that they have sent e-mail and have either received no response, a late response or a garbled response. Anyone out there had any luck.

    However we understand the Hon Ange is very much a Boris Babe – as she votes for anything and everything. He says “jump” and she asks “How high.”

    As for the eastern villages Flood Forums – no show! Come back Annie Milton – you almost had the flooding issues cracked. But the Hon Angie appears to be completely disinterested in major issues. Just wait until the rains come down – because they surely will!

  4. This is why Anne Milton was so good her office or herself replied – This is what I get from Angela

    Dear Constituent,

    Thank you very much for your e-mail. This is to confirm that my office has received it and that we are working to solve your query.

    Did you include everything in your e-mail?
    As Member of Parliament for Guildford, I can only make enquiries on behalf of constituents, so please make sure that you have provided your full name, address, and postcode.

    You can check if I am your Member of Parliament by clicking here.

    If you are writing to me after being in touch with local authorities or Government Departments, please attach your full correspondence with those institutions, including any relevant reference numbers.

    If you have omitted to include any of the above in your message, please resend it, adding in the relevant information.

    What can I help with?
    I want to be able to help wherever I can and as quickly as possible, so please make sure that before writing to me you have exhausted all other avenues of action.

    If you are writing about a local issue, such as planning or local services, I would advise to write to your County or Borough councillors first, or the appropriate Council Department. You can find your County councillors here. To find your Guildford Borough councillors click here, or for your Waverley Borough councillors click here.

    If you are writing with a complaint regarding a Government service, contacting the relevant Department, agency, or Ombudsman is the best and quickest route. I can take your case up with these institutions, if you are not satisfied with how your complaint was dealt with.

    Members of Parliament cannot offer legal advice, so please turn to the Citizens Advice Bureau for free independent advice. You can find their website here.

    How do I deal with campaigns and policy-related e-mails?
    I get hundreds of e-mails regarding Government policy every day, including campaigns. Some issues and campaigns often resurge. In order to read my position on longstanding issues, please check the ‘Policy Replies’ section on my website, by clicking here. This is where I upload comprehensive explanations on my positions.

    How soon will you hear back from me?
    I aim to respond to casework enquiries within 5 working days and to policy-related ones within 10 working days.

    If your case requires me to forward correspondence to a Department, waiting times will be longer, depending on how busy that Department is and how quickly they come back to me.

    How do I use your data?
    I process all cases in strict accordance with GDPR. By e-mailing in, you give me permission to store your information and share relevant data about you and your circumstances with the relevant authorities, in order to get you the help you need.

    You can read my full Privacy Policy here.

    Please rest assured that my team and I are doing all that we can to ensure that you get a response in a timely manner.

    With best wishes always,

    Angela Richardson MP
    Member of Parliament for Guildford
    House of Commons, London, SW1A 0AA
    Tel: 020 7219 5851

    Find me on:
    Facebook; Twitter; My Website.

    It means – nothing Our Village means NOTHING and that really Pi**es me off – If I don’t have someone that represents us – They can Bugger- off

  5. WW – I was a bit shocked you put my Facebook Pic up there – Just so you know Developers will never recognise me – that Pic was 10 years ago – so probably a good thing

    I now have Covid-Hair and hardly ever wear Make-up as I Never see anyone except whilst walking the Pup and then normally they are too far away – But cheeky of you.. I don’t post anonymously – I don’t care who reads my posts and I put my name to them – I do it because I care – But really don’t Shock the Developers – when they see the BAG-LADY from Hell
    Best as ever

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