That man in Bristol has been busy dumping homes on Alfold – again!

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More new homes about to be planted on a former garden centre in Alfold.

Waverley councillors refused permission in 2018 for 29 homes on the former Wyevale Garden Centre in Alfold believing that 10 was a figure the village could cope with. This was granted in February 2018 after the locals argued the village had already met its 150 home target.

At the time Alfold’s Cllr Kevin Deanus read out a letter from Wyevale, saying although it only ever wanted to build ten homes on the nursery site that was no longer commercially viable, Waverley Borough Council had asked them to build 29 homes believing the site was under-utilised! But members, including Alfold Cllr Kevin Deanus argued against.

Has the Alfold Bobby’s tirade stopped the creation of Alfold New Town?

To-day the man from BRISTOL, he who must be obeyed,  grants 46 more homes  putting even more pressure on a village that has:

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‘Your Waverley’ believed the proposal was a ‘cramped and contrived overdevelopment scheme,’ however, the Inspector – E Brownless BA (Hons) Solicitor (non-practising) for the Government’s Planning Inspectorate said:

” I do not share this view.

Neither did he share ‘YW’s’ view that it had a 5-year land supply. Here’s what he believes:

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  1. Dunsfold Park is a strategic allocation for 2,600 dwellings, with an outline permission for 1800 dwellings. The Council and developer have been working towards a PPA, however, this remains in draft form and is yet to be signed. The Council were unable to provide any indication as to when a reserved matters application would be forthcoming. Accordingly, I concur with the previous Inspector’s findings and I am not persuaded to increase the number of units which are deemed to be deliverable within the five-year period.

So who do we all have to thank for the situation in which Alfold now finds itself?

Could it be thanks to the fruitless, costly and abortive efforts of Protect Our Waverley who battled through every court in the land to oppose Waverley’s Local Plan, that included a new stand-alone settlement and delaying development at nearby Dunsfold Park by more than two years?

In fact, by the time the new garden village takes root, Alfold and Dunsfold Park could become one?


Last week yet another Inspector punished ‘Your Waverley’ for refusing an 80-home extension to a 56-home development by Cala Homes nearby at Sweeters’ Copse in Loxwood Road.  Not only did he grant the scheme but landed our cash-strapped council with the costs for daring to believe that a tiny village on the Surrey/Sussex borders was already punching well above its weight for its contribution to meeting housing in the adopted Local Plan.

80 more homes on their way to Alfold as a Government Inspector hits ‘Your Waverley’ in its pocket too!

Within days of that decision another application for yet another 80 homes was lodged with Waverley Planners. This time adjacent to the Esso Garage and the former garden centre, with access off one of THE most dangerous sections of the A281 Horsham/Guildford Road near the Alfold Crossways.

Here’s the decision:

Appeal Decision-3234716

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