Are Alfold developers flying in Dunsfold’s slipstream?

With all this doom and Gloom and the Corona Virus hovering, every now and then the Waverley Web likes to inject a little humour into our posts to brighten up our day!

Would you Adam and Eve it? The developers of the former Wyevale Garden Centre in Alfold are OBJECTING, yes seriously folks, OBJECTING – to another developer’s application to build on a field a hop, skip and jump away.

That man in Bristol has been busy dumping homes on Alfold – again!

 Developments (Alfold Garden Centre) are OBJECTING to the ICENI Application on the other side of the Petrol Station WA/2020/0260

 Why wouldn’t they? Houses are not exactly flying off the Housing-market at the moment (see Sweeters Copse/Cranleigh etc… ) and with their own development’s views being ruined by the Proposed development next door. –Who on earth would want to buy a property that has 86 New homes on their doorstep and looking into their gardens – Just off the busy A281. Especially the more expensive ones that will border the Wildlife Corridor that will abut the New Development.

But we are  sure the village will be thrilled to know that ICENI will be expected to pay 80K x 4 towards a new Demand Responsive Bus service until the Dunsfold Park Development kicks in with their proposed new bus service and they have to sort the pavement out towards the Crossways. –Shame about the Crossways though – During one recent week alone, according to “Angry of Alfold’  three  cars have driven into the ‘No ENTRY’ lane. No doubt Dunsfold Park will not be in a hurry as film crews are crawling all over the place filming blockbuster – Jurassic Park. No doubt there is more money to be had from dinosaurs than new homes?

Why are Alfold and the eastern villages losing their green fields? Because the Government Inspector argued that schemes already consented, and referred to the e.g. Knowle Park’s Initiative in Cranleigh on the West Cranleigh Nurseries site which has not been built out. In fact, the Reserved Matters application is still languishing somewhere? Despite developers saying at the time: “We want to build homes for village people.”

MP Angela Richardson recently told ‘Bob the Builder’ Jenrick – Secretary of State for Housing and Communities that she wanted consented applications built out by developers. If not thy should either be “incentivised or penalised for not doing so.”


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