COVID cases going up in Waverley?

Latest update: The borough of Waverley is now on Amber Alert due to an increase in COVID-19 cases in all the major settlements. Residents are now encouraged not to mix households and take the advice set out below very seriously.
Good morning.
Many of you might be reading the COVID-19 daily data (nationally) with some alarm over the weekend with the numbers moving from around 6,000 daily last week to approximately 12,000 on Saturday and then about 22,000 on Sunday.
The reasons for this seems to be two-fold.
Yes, cases are certainly going up around the country (and some of that appears to be both because of more testing and more localised testing in high-risk areas of the country).
The other reason does now appear to be some issues with the proper recording of the data over the last week by the government, classed as an IT issue.
The article below gives some of the context and context is critical – but clearly, the rates are going up.
As Deputy Leader of Waverley, I get a local update for Surrey and Waverley most days and the full executive gets updated every Tuesday afternoon in full. Local ward councillors for any areas of concern also get updated immediately for any issues in their patch.
We are doing fantastically as a borough, but we need to keep going and continue what we are doing.
We must continue to be vigilant and not be complacent. That includes keeping up the excellent mask /social distancing discipline but also helping our local businesses and more vulnerable residents through this.
Cllr Paul Follows
Deputy Leader, Waverley Borough Council
Leader, Godalming Town Council

The “R number” for the South East is: 1.1 – 1.4 at October 5 (up from 1.0 – 1.3 on September 28).

Infection rate statistics now include the test results from testing centres such as that at Onslow Park & Ride, mobile testing centres and home testing.

The table only shows confirmed cases, there will be other unconfirmed and undetected cases.

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