Sites for development allocated in Waverley’s LPP2 in Witley & Milford.

Here are the proposed sites in these two villages now earmarked for development in Waverley’s Draft Local Plan Part 2.   The public will have an opportunity to comment on these proposals when the public consultation takes place sometime during October.

‘ Your Waverley’s’ long-awaited Local Plan Part 2 has been launched.

Knockdown not lock-down for ‘ Your Waverley’s Local Plan Part 2.


However, in Chairman Carole Cockburn’s race to have her say on the next phase of the important new document, she said she wouldn’t refer to residents questions. She told the Overview & Scrutiny committee that the public should refer to the council’s website if they wanted to know what   Milford’s Kathy Smythe and Parish Cllr Gillian McCalden had to say.

The link is here:  Supplement Environment OS Committee 22 SEPT 2020 – Item 4. Questions from members of the public 22

According to the report considered by the Environment O & S Committee, the allocations for future development now proposed for Milford and Witley comprise three sites. Two of these (Land at Highcroft, between Haslemere Road and Petworth Road and Land at Wheeler Street Nurseries) were proposed allocations in the earlier draft presubmission document. They are relatively small sites (providing 7 and 20 dwellings respectively).

The other site now proposed  – (supported by Witley Parish Council in the link above ) for allocation, is the land at Secretts, Hurst Farm, and Milford.

The land and buildings on the Milford nursery site now stand derelict. No more pick your own?

The sites at Coneycroft and Manor Lodge, Milford and Land West of Petworth Road, Witley, that were proposed for allocation in the draft Plan considered in October 2018, are no longer included in the current draft  The Secretts site is not within one of the broad locations that LPP1 identified as having potential for removal from the Green Belt and was not, therefore, included as a proposed allocation in earlier draft versions of LPP2. However, officers have critically evaluated the situation and have also been mindful of the community support for the allocation of the Secretts site, expressed through the Parish Council. At a Witley Parish Council meeting on Thursday 27th February 2020, the following resolution was made:

“The preferred location for the majority of the remaining housing that Witley Parish has to deliver by 2032, to meet its target, is the land at the Secretts site in the centre of the village of Milford.” 

Given the local support for Secretts to be considered for allocation, the Council sought legal advice on whether any Green Belt sites lying outside the LPP1 ‘asterisked’ areas could be considered for removal from the Green Belt in LPP2. The advice given is that there is nothing in law to prevent the Council from considering sites outside the broad areas identified in LPP1. However, if the Council were to consider a site outside of these areas then there would need to be clear and cogent reasons for doing so.

You can read more on the link here: Draft Pre-Submission LPP2 – Committee Version – September 2020

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