If ever there was a reason not to have a Surrey Unitary Authority – isn’t this it!

Munroe gets th boot
David Munro – Surrey’s Police & Crime Commissioner – who may become Surrey’s Mayor?


Could the man nicknamed ‘Mona-lot Munro’ become the Head of a giant Surrey Unitary Authority?

You couldn’t Adam and Eve it! Former Waverley Borough and County Councillor and PCC Chief David Munro has backed Leader Tim Oliver’s cunning plan for a Surrey UA and would like to head it.

The Police & Crime Commissioner (PCC) who could never be accused of hiding his light under a bushel has told Surrey’s Leader Tim Oliver that he’s backing his bid to send 11 borough and district councils to the trash bin, and when there’s a Mayor, he just might put himself forward.

As Lewis Carroll’s  Lobster Quadrille quotes – “Will you walk a little faster?” said a whiting to a snail, “There’s a porpoise close behind us, and he’s treading on my tail.

So be careful Cllr Oliver – you may have a Munro on your tail.

However, Cllr Oliver is opposed to his proposed UA being headed up by just one Mayor he would like a series of Mayors – so the “chain gang” as it is called in the business – would become more extensive and expensive in the future?

In the meantime, the 11 borough’s and districts have written to the Secretary of State for Communities Robert Jenrick opposing the move, and are employing consultants KPMG to find a better way of combining authorities. * Report

‘Your Waverley’ along with all the other boroughs and districts in Surrey is throwing £30,000 into a pot to fight the county council’s move to swallow them up and become the largest UA in the country.

But Police and Crime Commissioner Mr Munro is still in the day job for a little longer due to the COVID pandemic – as there should have been an election earlier this year to appoint his successor.

Earlier this month – via Zoom – Surrey Conservatives decided that criminal lawyer – “Munro: don’t you dare mention that woman’s name in front of me” Charlie Chirico, will be their official Tory candidate at next year’s PCC election.

Here’s why the Tories kicked him out of the party and provided him with the opportunity to become Independent. 

Police Chief David Munro booted by the Tories. Has everyone gone to the moon?

Mr Munro, who has had a very long career in local government representing Farnham thinks one UA with just one chief – preferably him- is the best solution for everything – including policing.

The letter to SCC and to the Secretary of State is included here Pages 17 to 20.

*Public reports pack 08092020 1800 Executive

4 thoughts on “If ever there was a reason not to have a Surrey Unitary Authority – isn’t this it!”

  1. I have seen a copy of the grovelling letter Mr Munro sent to Tim Oliver when Surrey’s mega unitary bid became known which included the words: “Dear Tim I will be on the barricades with you on this one!”
    As his days are clearly numbered as Police and Crime Commissioner, Mr Munro is jumping onto the Surrey Bandwagon in the hope of a nice job.
    He goes on: “I would be happy to work with you to explore the many implications of a Mayor assuming the powers that are elsewhere held by PCCs”
    Well that looks like job creation to me – Munro for Mayor!

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