Farnham people fighting Cranleigh’s corner?

WW does not normally reproduce residents’ comments as a post – however, in the public interest we now do so.

Waverley Borough Councillor leader Robert Knowles, who should be put under a lie detector machine, has to-day categorically denied that there has been a  bid to earmark £1m of council funds to build an extension  to the  Manfield Park Industrial Estate  Green Belt land in Cranleigh.

He has  told a Cranleigh Parish Councillor, that the post you can read read it here:


is  a – “scurrilous rumour,” and denied any knowledge of the  proposal.    The post above was based on  CONFIDENTIAL COMMITTEE PAPERS LEAKED BY YET NOTHER  CONCERNED MEMBER OF STAFF and are  held by the Waverley Web and can be reproduced on these pages! So come clean Waverley and tell the people over there in Cranleigh just what you are up to?

This is taken from the Web’s comments page:

Jerry Hyman on February 23, 2016 at 5:36 pm said: Edit
This is almost unbelievable – the sort of ‘political cr*p’ which might cause a Head of Planning to decide to jump overboard ?
One thing – I’m pretty sure this isn’t being decided tonight, because there is a Dunsfold Briefing for all Councillors this evening.

My concern is that this Hewitts & Mansfield Park scandal may already have been agreed in secret by the Exec on Feb 2nd and by Full Council last week (Feb 16th). It looks like the decision may have been slipped through under Exec Item 12 (i.e. Minute 132 to Council).

Unfortunately the webcast of the Council Meeting stopped abruptly after 45 mins due to a ‘streaming failure’, so there’s no recording of what happened when the Exempt “Property Matter – Cranleigh” Item came forward, but I’m told that at no point did the Meeting go into Exempt Session. Thus we can assume that the Resolution was agreed without debate. Indeed, as no Councillors spoke on the matter, it might also be reasonable to assume that the Conservatives had agreed it at their pre-Meeting. You’d expect there’d be a couple of decent Cranleigh Councillors who’d kick up a fuss about this, so I can only imagine they were shackled in advance. What a way to run a ballroom.

Does this mean that when the Hewitts Appeal comes forward, the Inspector will be able to conclude that the Council has overcome its own ‘loss of employment land’ objection, by its presumption that alternative employment will be allowed in the Green Belt? Or does it mean that WBC will soon be announcing that they will not be contesting the Hewitts Appeal ?

If they were in the real world, tonight’s Dunsfold Briefing could only conclude that the current Executive is not fit to make any more decisions on our behalf.

You should see what the Leadership have planned for Farnham in the Agenda papers for next Tuesday’s Executive Meeting. “There may be trouble ahead”.

WW – Let the public be the judge!


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