Developer has a cunning plan for an Alfold development.

Is someone keeping Alfold in the dark about a cunning plan for a controversial Alfold housing scheme?

Horsham-based Thakeham Homes, who secured permission at Appeal for 99 homes in Loxwood Road, told Government Inspector Harold Stephens BA MPhil Dip TP MRTPI FRSA at a Zoom hearing it would build residential  housing, 30% of which would be “affordable.”

Now guess what? The whole site has apparently been sold to a housing Association called Abri Housing or maybe Oriel Housing, and now …

100% will be to let or for shared ownership.

Here’s the appeal decision: document 8475987

So there you have it, Alfold folks. Hundreds of residents are arriving soon In your little village with zilch public transport, no school, a shop in the petrol station, no pubs most of the time and poor infrastructure – water, sewage or at times enough electricity to boil a kettle etc.!

She wrote said in correspondence.

Power issues in Alfold are a major concern for residents who live in the village. Regular power cuts, regular low-voltage incidents where kettles take half an hour to boil – and things are due to get worse with more development planned for the area.

MP Angela Richardson on Alfold’s case?

And they call this  PLANNING! 

The above was taken today from Waverley’s  Affordable Housing Update  [provided to the Overview & Scrutiny Committee.
Thakeham’s transport guru told, or perhaps the word lied, is more appropriate, to a Government Planning Inspector that the village was well served with amenities including shops, transport and, oh yes! We mustn’t forget everyone can readily use their bikes for cycling to nearby Cranleigh down the A281 via Wildwood Lane. Well, they can if they want to die! The potholes are so deep bodies could remain undiscovered for weeks!

And, last but not least, the developer claimed the village was close to five – yes, really, five railway stations!

 As soon as the Appeal was in the developer’s bag, do we mean bank? Residents heard that Housing Association Abri Homes, based in Eastleigh, Hants, had taken it over.

When the Waverley Web started snooping, we found no accounts lodged for Abri at Companies House for the past three years. So now, according to Thakeham, it was to be developed by another housing association called Oriel Homes.

Alfold Parish Council has been seeking clarification for months on exactly what and who would develop the controversial site off Loxwood Road. Local Cllr Kevin De anus appeared in the dark, and numerous letters to Waverley’s Chief Executive, the Planning Portfolio Holder, and Chief Planning Officer drew a blank. 

Thakeham’s Community Infrastructure Levy (the amount paid to the local authority towards infrastructure – e.g. schools, roads, transport etc., stood at  £2,504. 424.29 Not bad, eh?

But then you’ll see it was reduced to a miserable 954,154.02  for social housing relief. The developer didn’t even have to pay that. It could have got away scot-free.

But here’s the rub and Alfold residents are not happy about it! Dot and Doris are fuming. It would appear that (a) the whole site will be up for social rent and shared ownership – which the Government wants and supports with cash handouts and ‘Your Waverley’ loves. Thakeham has already consulted the village on another 66 homes to add to the 99and makes no secret that it intends 425, the number refused at its first Appeal, which had included a GP surgery, shops and a school! 

We will all wait with bated breath to see if the promised demand-led bus service turns up!

Liability Notice

The plot thickens, or is it the sewage? Services to the new development will not be Thames Water but a private Water Company called Icosa Water Services. Here’s an e-mail from a Waverley Officer concerning a public consultation,

So public was the public consultation that neither the Parish Council nor residents, including neighbours right along the Loxwood Road, who Thames Water presently serve, knew anything about it. Did the ward member Cllr Kevin De anus?

Here’s the e-mail dated 19 December 2022, document 8709788 Sewage

And here’s Icosa info: document 8709785 Icosa Water Alfold

2 thoughts on “Developer has a cunning plan for an Alfold development.”

  1. Hi WW
    Sorry am I missing something? Most developers try to avoid Affordable (NOT) Housing….. Unless Thakeham do really have a “Cunning Plan” which wouldn’t surprise me! Maybe this is all part of the bigger Picture in that whilst times are hard and Building costs are High and Mortgage Rates rocketing they can build Cheaper homes – Then when things pick up they can put in their additional Applications to get up to the 325 (odd) they actually want with out the need to put in any more Affordables?

    This is Not a small change to the Application – Why is there not a New Application? not even a NMA??? This is just too weird to be believed!

    I also don’t quite get the Figures above – It looks like they have reduced the CIL Liability from £3.48Mill by the Social Housing relief of £954K to come to £2.5Mill.

    So final Question as we have not seen any details is it going to be SOCIAL housing or AFFORDABLE Housing?
    As Ever

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