New Farnham car park – down by the riverside

A temporary car park that floods; was built without planning permission, by ‘Your Waverley’ on land owned by ‘Your Waverley’ and dubbed by ‘Your Waverley’ as a park and stride into the Town of Farnham – and is more like a park and bike – has been given the go-ahead by ‘Your Waverley’s’ planners.

Riverside 3 Car Park in Mike Hawthorne Drive (WA/2019/2097 for the retention and permanent use of the car park was agreed by the Western Planning Committee.

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Surrey County Council said it had a full understanding of the environmental effects of the scheme and had no objection to the area becoming a permanent car park.

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5 thoughts on “New Farnham car park – down by the riverside”

  1. I remember a certain Waverley officer shouting at me down the phone; “IT DOES NOT FLOOD, IT DOES NOT FLOOD! believe me, we know what we are doing and have relied on our experts. RIVERSIDE DOES NOT FLOOD!” This was because I had phoned him to say that I had just been told by a local resident who walked there regularly and often found the footpath flooded.

  2. It’s a pity we can’t start from scratch and put all the car parks in the right place. Each road into town should have it’s own car park on the periphery of the town centre. This would ease traffic congestion and improve air quality. There would be one central car park dedicated for Blue Badge holders. But life is not perfect. The Riverside provides a useful additional car park whether it floods a few days each year or not. Hopefully the Farnham Infrastructure Programme will address the car parking issue.

  3. The definition of an “expert”… X: Is an unknown quantity. Spurt: is a drip under pressure. An “expert” is therefore An unknown drip under pressure.

    There are may experts advising ‘Your Waverley.’ We rest our case.

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