Will Surrey County Council give power to the people next May?

You can bet your bottom dollar there will be no Surrey County Council elections next May.

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Because making housing development easier was one of the reasons given by SCC leader Tim Oliver for his bid to make Surrey the biggest non-metropolitan unitary authority in the country, more the twice the size of the next largest, Cornwall. 

We’re on a road to nowhere… if Surrey wins hearts and minds.The fight to stop Surrey County Council’s power grab has begun.

But the Waverley Web asks? Can such a momentous change to the governance of our county really be pushed through without the consent of those most affected, the citizens of Surrey? 

How about asking us – the voting fodder? Voting fodder that will include all those young A-level students who have been shafted by a Government engaged in a farrago of confusion and disappointment. Examples of unfairness are spreading much faster than the coronavirus.

Sir Paul Beresford, the Tory MP for Mole Valley, is so convinced of the merits of the scheme he doesn’t even believe consultation is required. But if the case is so overwhelmingly obvious then surely consultation would quickly show a huge majority in favour? Nothing to fear then Sir Humphrey? Where does our Jeremy stand on this one, and Guildford’s Aunty Angie?

How about this for an idea. Why don’t the Tories make the proposal part of their manifesto for the May SCC elections? Then, if they win a majority of the votes we will know it has our true support and the mandate for such a behemoth authority. Other parties can put their own proposals forward too and it will then be up to the voters to choose. That is the way our democracy is meant to work, isn’t it?

Or, will that little suggestions, which is being made by us, in common with many others in the press and on social media, not sit too well with HE who must be obeyed at Westminister. ‘Boris The Bulldozer  and Bob the Builder, who is seeking even more millions from developers to boost Conservative coffers?

Because giving us, the voting fodder a say won’t be their style in the central take-over which is occurring in front of our very eyes. Maybe the truth is more likely that electorate can’t trust the politicians?

Older readers might recall this extract from the episode of the BBC’s Yes, Prime Minister

Sir Humphrey to local council leader: “What do you mean, the people don’t want your policies?”

Council leader: “Well of course they would, if they could understand. But the ordinary voters are simple people. They don’t see their needs. They can’t analyse problems. They need leadership to guide them to the way they ought to go.”

Sir Humphrey: “Don’t you think the people would vote for such leadership?”

Council leader: “No, people don’t always understand what’s good for them.”

Sir Humphrey: “Ah! I do so agree with you.”


2 thoughts on “Will Surrey County Council give power to the people next May?”

  1. Clearly the obscene haste shown by the ruling Conservatives in Surrey and other Tory controlled Counties is to undermine the May County Elections. Every single County in England is controlled by the Tories – a nice cosy situation that needs preserving?
    Why else would Tim Oliver and his other County Chums declare their hand even before the White Paper has been published?
    Unitaries are supposed to have “Consensus” so the May elections offer the perfect opportunity and their cancellation would be the greatest hi-jack of democracy this country has ever witnessed. It would make President Putin envious!

    1. I couldn’t agree more – They cannot simply bulldoze this through it is unconstitutional. Does anyone know what the reasons are for NOT having the May Elections? they cannot blame everything on the Corona Virus.. If pubs and beauty salons can open then MP’s should just get on with it! Why they had to have a Summer Recess is just beyond me.

      I for one will NOT be voting Conservative – They are making a complete Pigs Ear of this. Boris always was a one-pony Prime minister and he cannot even get Brexit right

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