6 thoughts on “Our Jeremy eats out while bits of Godalming burn?”

  1. Good morning. Ultimately i can only go on about how the borough council has no police powers and a minimal role, and that the MP and the PCC need to do something.

    It frustrates me when highlighting cuts is labelled ‘politics’ as it lets the people who did these things get away with it.

    However, even though we have no power in this at the at borough and town council. Literally during the time Hunt was at his lunch i was meeting the police and the Safer Waverley Partnership


    1. Paul if you and your fellow cllr’s in the so called rainbow alliance spent more time taking positive action and walking your wards more rather than continually harping about Mr Hunts eating habits then you just might be able to justify your self righteous comments.

      1. Have you any idea of the positive action being taken by The Rainbow Alice Sunny Jim? Obviously not? Perhaps you should take a look at what it has achieved during one of the worst health and economic epidemics this country has ever faced. Ask the people of Waverley and local businesses how they have been helped and supported – instead of standing up for Jeremy who ignored all the advice he was given when he was S of S for Health.

    2. The WW and the people of Godalming, and that includes one of our team – appreciate the efforts that you go to, perhaps with the exception of Cllr Edwards? The WW highlighted the vandalism to reveal the extent of anti social behaviour and to show it is an ongoing problem – not just an election issue. Perhaps Mr Hunt will get his picture in the papers with the PCC?

  2. Cllr Brian Edmonds

    Good morning it is not Sunak that is subsidising eating out but the taxpayers. This destruction of a memorial bench is sad and disgraceful. It is a rejection of society and a consequence of the inequitable resource allocated by National Government to prevent and control antisocial behaviour within our locality. Surrey one of the major contributors to this nation’s economy, yet it fails to receive a fair share of its income. The solution is evasive but transparency such as this assists democratic accountabilty.

    Thank you

  3. Quite frankly, talking to the older members of the community, many of whom are still shielding, they would prefer their taxes to be used for policing, not pigging out! Self-distancing is a joke in most pub and restaurant gardens – and when the next wave comes – who will die and who will pay? The old – and the vulnerable and our NHS and Care Workers.

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