Did Cllr Deanus’s hissy fit get the result he wanted?

Or was it all a tale of political point-scoring  – and the decision to include the Alfold Councillor in the New Dunsfold Advisory Board was made weeks ago?

You can read the questions Cllr Kevin Deanus posed at the Full Council virtual meeting this week, and the answer he received from Leader John Ward. Not, we might add, Cllr Ward’s finest moment!

Did ‘Mighty Miffed’ Cllr Deanus get his place on the Dunsfold Garden Village Board?

It would appear that the whole show over the airwaves was a bit of a sham – as the decision on who was going to serve on the controversial board to oversee the New Dunsfold Garden Village was in chef’s speak ‘one that had been made earlier.’ A decision that Cllr Deanus was either probably, or could quite easily, have been aware of? 

As you will see – the group no longer sits with John Ward – the Leader of the Council – but with the Portfolio Holder for Dunsfold – Liz Townsend the Independent member for Cranleigh West. Good choice – as Cranleigh will be heavily impacted by a new settlement. 
What is the board looking for? Shedloads of housing – and a garden village that is environmentally sustainable. 
As you will see – all the borough councillors from Cranleigh and Dunsfold and Chiddingfold and Bramley have been included in the new board plus parish councillors from the same villages. ‘Your Waverley’ couldn’t get much more inclusive than that could they Cllr Deanus? Unless of course, the public could hear the meetings too?
So – Dunsfold’s Garden Village here it comes?
Dunsfold Garden Village
Dunsfold Garden Village

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