Godawfulming becomes Godalmazing during this life-changing Coronavirus epedemic.

Do take a moment to watch the video on the link below – because it reveals the true spirit,  generosity and selflessness that exists in our town in the heart of the borough of Waverley.

How refreshing to hear that community spirit is alive and well in Godalming.

Our heartfelt thanks should be shouted from the roof tops for the partnership of the volunteer group and the town council that has achieved the Community Store now operating at the Wilfred Noyce Centre. 

For the moment memories of queuing traffic on Godalming’s congested roads exacerbated by the mounting number of developments, that prompted the solilioqy  ‘Godawfulming’ is fading.  The town now has a more tranquil feel, despite the food queues at the town’s supermarkets. Neighbours chatting to one another for the first time- with the opportunity to stop, watch Spring unfold and listen to the birdsong.  While we wait in a different kind of queue!

Shoppers queuing at a safe distance all around Sainsbury’s car park in Godalming.

Full marks to Godalming Town Council’s Chairman, who apologises in his message for the length of his hair. Some of our bloggers say they are distinctly envious of his lengthening locks and only wish their sparse thatch could follow Follows and show similar growth during the lock-down.

As the messenger says- don’t be shy – use the new Community Store – take what you need – tell your neighbours and friends to use it.   We are living in extraordinary and unprecedented times. For some it may be time to give. For others time to take.

Give and Take – isn’t that what life is all about?

P.S. We heard that hairdressers could be among the last to be un-locked from the lock-down – so heavens knows where Cllr Follows’ locks will be by Summer!?


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