Elstead’s Aunty Elsey – v – Mr Deputy.

It was spats all round when the Full Council met on ZOOM this week – first The Leader John Ward and Alfold’s Cllr Kevin Deanus

Did ‘Mighty Miffed’ Cllr Deanus get his place on the Dunsfold Garden Village Board?

Then later Elstead’s ‘Aunty Elsey’ (Cllr Jenny Else) went for the throat of Paul Follows for daring to say at a previous council meeting that she obtained and then used information from social media, perish the thought!  She was of course referring to Facebook and not the Waverley Web. She wouldn’t read this scurrilous blog – however her husband does.

The fracas surrounds the new administration’s decision not to renew the Broadwater Park Golf Club’s lease. This overturning a Tory’s decision which, by the way,  it took years to make. The site now forms part of Waverley’s Property Investment Strategy – at a time when every penny counts.

However, as is Aunty Elsey’s style – armed with only half the facts, facts she could determine if only she only took trouble – instead went off at half-cock going for the jugular of the messenger. 

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They say a leopard never changes its spots – well Aunty Elsey went in for the kill at Full Council – when she demanded an apology from ‘Your Waverley’s Deputy Leader Paul Follows.

The spots were practically jumping off Aunty Elsey’s leopard-skin top –  sometimes she wears zebra stripes having a penchant for the out-of-Africa look – when she went in for the kill and demanded an apology.

In her best schoolmarm voice, she ranted about the councils’ “disgraceful and dishonourable” treatment of the Broadwater Golf Club and the way she alleges it has been treated by the council for not renewing its lease. She referred to the Deputy Leader’s “hubris.” She said Cllr  Follows had dared to question the ethics of a colleague.   ‘Not allowed in Waverley’s Code of Conduct,’ she roared!

It appears the minutes referred to Aunty Elsey gaining some of her information from Godalming’s social media board. She repeated the dreaded SM word over and over again.

“Untrue” the leopard roared! “You must treat your colleagues with more respect.”

She claimed she speaks to lots of people and gained her information about the controversial issue from letters and emails from local residents and not from social media. Aunty Elsey, who regularly uses social media particularly during elections, obviously doesn’t really like social media, unlike her councillor husband who really likes social media, and will probably respond to this post on the Waverley Web? She said references to her using SM – that is… social media and not Sado-Masochism – perish the thought, added “insult to injury” she said when it was included in the minutes of the Executive Meeting and she wants the minutes changed. However, Cllr Follows said not only would the minutes not be changed – they would be ‘improved upon.’

Then out came the normally gentle Cllr Follows’ claws:

“You lifted the comments from the Godalming Community Board on May 8 verbatim – I did not say that you were not contacted by others. However, I would urge you to remember the legal confidentialities here. Acting precipitantly without being aware of all the facts is potentially dangerous!”

Oh! come on Cllr Follows, do you really expect Aunty Elsey to make herself aware of the facts or stop act precipitantly when she has been doing that for years? Surely you don’t expect her to break the habits of a lifetime!

Of course, as always, Aunty Elsie believed  she had the last word – The leopard roared again! – ‘Don’t you belittle me, Cllr Follows, I don’t have to answer to you. I represent the people of Waverley and have done so for nine years. Stop this now or you will answer in front of the Monitoring Officer.  OMG  –  not Robin Taylor! Is that the sound of Cllr Follows’ knees shaking we can hear from over here in Farnham!

Then Blessed be the peacemaker Mayor Dr Penny Marriott held up her hands indicating ENOUGH! Saying  – take your argument outside!  Jolly good job the meeting was on Zoom?

So – will it be pistols at dawn over the simple matter of where Aunty Elsey gets her information from?  Perhaps someone should tell her? – Mainly from the dreaded word that we won’t mention?




17 thoughts on “Elstead’s Aunty Elsey – v – Mr Deputy.”

  1. Well looks like the “Rainbow Coalition” isn’t quite as harmonious as we thought! – I think Cllr Ward was particularly scathing of Cllr Deanus and managed to cover his own Nethers by saying the DP documents would FINALLY be released – About time, and most likely because he saw Cllr Deanus’ questions in advance of the meeting and though he would cut him off.

    It is not pleasant watching to see the Leader and Deputy being quite so Pompous – Really? let’s try and work a little better TOGETHER!

    Dunsfold Park is a Major Application and has Impacts on all of us – but PARTICULARLY Alfold, Dunfold and Cranleigh so – great we have Cllr Townsend – But I do feel more is needed. So LEADER – Please make sure we ARE represented – and yes Caps means I am SHOUTING!

    1. Denise, If I may I think the more behind the scenes issues on this is something to keep in mind.

      Cllr Deanus was certainly aware that we were going to change the model and make it more generally inclusive, I told him this myself. I also told him these things would take a little time.

      It, of course, started with a new portfolio holder for Dunsfold park so it got the proper attention it warrants. We then ran smack into COVID. When we got to the point that this was actually starting up again, Liz and I started to have the conversation about kicking this discussion off again about the governance group.

      Instead of speaking to any of us, Cllr Deanus then sent in those questions. I am not going to get involved in the discussion between Cllr Ward and Cllr Deanus but if Cllr Deanus wanted information he could have come to us – which is why I think it came across as political points scoring rather than wanting to help.

      The new model got released to all councillors yesterday and I have provided a copy to WW which I am sure will be shared in due course too.

      As to Cllr Else, the exchange was petty (from both of us) but all some councillors wish to talk about us petty things rather than substance that actually impacts residents. I have a great deal more to say on the Broadwater debate when I can do so without harming the legal position of the council – but I did mean what I said about councillors really needing to think about the facts and show some leadership.

      Anyway I hope that helps as a starter for 10, happy to comment further


      1. Hi Paul
        I have no issue with lively debate – But want I didn’t like was the fact that Cllr Deanus’ requests for information seem to go back much further than seemed to be evident in the piece. He speaks for the rest of this section of the Borough that feel disenfranchised with the lack communication we have received with regard to this application or anything else that happens in Waverley.

        It is fairly obvious that this part of the borough has been deemed suitable for mass Over development due to its lack of AONB and SPAs SANG etc – Regardless of the fact that we have the worst Infrastructure/ Facilities of the whole borough and yet we get nowhere. I honestly hoped things would change with the Election – But in reality nothing has.

        If and when the DP Garden Village happens – it would be conducive of a “Listening” Council to ensure that Locals are involved through Proper Community involvement, It is simply not good enough for the BIG THREE to continue to push development on Cranleigh and its Villages – which is what appears to be happening yet again.

        There was mention of this new Pick up from the pavement of textiles and electrical good – More Info would have been welcome as we seem to be the area that has NOTHING other than Green Waste at Cranleigh CRC. Our closest CRC is West Sussex that now have Number plate recognition to stop us here trying to take our Waste rather than driving the 30 mile round trip to Witley!

        It is about time WBC is a bit more inclusive and recognise that we here in the East are Not happy and neither was Cllr Deanus.

      2. I think the issue is that he knew we (and specifically who) was dealing with it – and decided not to engage with any of us, only just to put those questions up?

        Liz and I were back on this as soon as the Covid related aspects (that had stopped it almost dead) carried on.

        So while you may think he is speaking up for a group of disenfranchised people, he actually didn’t do anything to help them – he just made political hay. Had he actually asked me or Liz we would have given him the draft that went to the exec and given him a call to update him and anyone else.

  2. Cllr Else talks about lack of respect in the Chamber yet we see a WW article here that is, as usual, very insulting and disrespectful. Cllr. Deanus had some reasonable points but was spoken to with unnecessary disrespect from John Ward. In none of these exchanges was there any consideration to the needs of the electorate. Party point scoring and agendas – leave it out please.

    1. Party point scoring leave it out?

      We couldn’t agree more – perhaps you should address those comments to Aunty Elsey and Cllr Deanus. Both were hoping to score political points – both failed dismally.

  3. Insulting and disrespectful? Sadly everything we said was the truth – the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Cllr Deanus knew exactly how to find out who was to be included in the new Advisory Board long before the meeting last week. However, he didn’t want to miss an opportunity to dig the new administration in the ribs, again. We cannot help wondering why such a strong opponent of the development at Dunsfold Park even wants to be there?

    The needs of the electorate had nothing to do with the row on Zoom. It was political point scoring. Would you prefer to read nothing of the workings of the council? Would you take the trouble to watch a three-hour meeting and draw your own conclusions. We doubt it. The local papers have almost stopped covering Waverley. So when the Waverley Web disappears into the ether – where will you get your information from then?

    Our borough is in crisis – in common with many other councils up and down the country. What a pity the Tories cannot take a leaf out of the Labour, Lib Dem, Green and Independent book – and start working together for the good of our community.

    When Surrey County Council takes over the 11 borough and district councils and we have a Unitary Authority of over 1.2m people you, we and the rest of the county may as well dump the ballot box, and put up and shut up.

  4. WW Perhaps – If that Information about DP had been more widely available to us peasants then we wouldn’t have had this issue but had you heard about it? I sure as hell hadn’t

    It is about communication – I don’t care if the new Council say they are more inclusive If I don’t know (and I do Look) then it simply isn’t good enough – We should ALL HAVE KNOWN ABOUT IT!! I have not seen anything on Social Media that made us aware of this Had you?? So I am afraid I trudge through the WBC stuff and I didn’t find this.. So Just maybe they should have been more transparent – Just saying……………..

    Anyway maybe water under the bridge now we are to be included (at least Cllr D and Local Parishes) But we will see how much the ADVISORY BOARD have to say …

    Should have gone and had tea when I was invited ???

    1. Sorry if we let you down about the Dunsfold Advisory Board – that thing called a Pandemic got in the way!

  5. Ww you use insulting language repeatedly. Petty and cheap. And don’t keep telling us you are truthful. We all know you by now.

    1. Tell us please insulting language not us! We tell it as it is, and Cllr Else’s political posturing is legendary.

  6. By the way – I DID watch the whole of the Council meeting – In case that wasn’t clear – Yeas ALL OF IT

  7. Yes, I did watch it too. Pity WW didn’t – probably too busy being catty about Councillors.

  8. Oh Dear! Blahblahblah – you are beginning to sound like Cllr David Else – again!! Fair does though for sticking up for her indoors.

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