Now, look at Surrey County Council’s cunning plan for ‘Your Waverley’s’ eastern villages.

Cranleigh and eastern villages are now officially dubbed as  – ‘The Dunsfold and Cranleigh Corridor.’ It now rubs  shoulders with such heavyweights as Staines – Woking, Redhill & Reigate and Guildford as a ‘Strategic Opportunity Area.’

The Cranleigh & Dunsfold Corridor has been chosen by Surrey’s Future Steering Board to get star rating and ranks alongside all the other seven big boys in… the Blackwater Valley, Croydon, Leatherhead and Farnborough and others mentioned above to help grow Surrey. 

Wow! Perhaps that explains our recent post – for the new community of ALDUN and why developers are falling over each other to get in quick? Is there a new garden village named ‘ALDUN’ being planned in Waverley?

All those Tory Cranleigh councillors who sat behind closed doors and carved up all the development opportunities in the village – may soon have all their wishes granted. The genie is popping out of the bottle. Waverley’s newest town has been born and, if SCC gets it way is about to mature into something –  bigger, much bigger!

So at last Cranleigh, WILL get the footfall it has been praying for. However,  will it sacrifice on the developers’ alters – the once-proud place  that boasted the title – ‘The largest village in England.’ 

So there we have it! Whilst we have all been watching ~Netflix during lockdown SCC has been busy sticking a pin in to show all its new growth areas of the county. When did it hold one of its ’round table discussions?’ – in January 2020 – just as the COVID cloud hung over us!  the next stage of the strategy is to prepare an ‘Implementation Framework with a clear set of strategic priorities for the partners to deliver during the first 10 year period (2020 to 2030).

Perfectly in line with a new Unitary Authority when truly local decision-making will disappear along with billions of pounds of local borough & district council debt – no doubt covered by the Government in a bid to gain more control?  Bye Bye ‘Your Waverley’ Hello ‘Surrey?’

And then just to make things just a little worse – We stumble on this website SURREY Fixtures 2050 – Look at Cranleigh S085 – Is that Dunsfold or something Else? Look at the TRANSPORT Network – Where is ours?? 

No doubt we can rely on the Hon Angie who proposes ‘repurposing the Horsham to Guildford railway line’ Guildford MP pitches to open Guildford – Cranleigh train line.

So there you have it, folks. All bodes well for Waverley – the ar*se end of Surrey in the new shakedown?

Screen Shot 2020-07-13 at 10.00.39

Then look at their plans for Road Infrastructure…Oooopps NOTHING in the chosen area just lots of rural countryside ripe to be covered in concrete! And is everything between Cranleigh and the Surrey/Sussex border villages up for grabs?


If you haven’t already choked over your cornflakes and want to learn more just click on the link below…

Surrey 2050 Place Ambition Conference page.http://summary%20of%20roundtable%20discussions%20january%202020%20%28pdf%29/









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