Cranleigh Parish Councillor plays censor with the help of her friends – the ‘BB’s.’

We heard the mutter going on in the Cranleigh gutter from right over here in Farnham yesterday – it was so loud.

Quite a little brew-ha-ha broke out on the Cranleigh Community Board (not to be confused with the Cranleigh Community Group), which we can view – but the other one seemingly run by  Cranleigh Parish Councillor Hannah Nicholson, from which we are banned. Aided and abetted by the previous Editor/Controller Martin Bamford – better known in the village as ‘BB ‘Batty Bamford.’

Some of the locals have written to us on our private mail:   about the Parish councillor shutting down legitimate debate on social media.

Apparently, a fairly innocuous Black Live Matter (BLM) posted by a young resident was taken down on Facebooks’ Cranleigh Community Board, administered by said councillor Nicholson. Further BLM posts were all also deleted, including one by a young black lady describing in detail what ten years in Cranleigh was like for her with ‘low-grade’ racism.
Posts by a few racist-lites welcoming the shutting down on any BLM posts were liked by Andrea Bamford, Martin Bamford and Hannah Nicholson.
No surprise there then? 
A further group was then set up called, ‘Cranleigh Allies’ as a response to this, which Hannah Nicholson joined and her responses to the whole thing was bizarre. A quick look on her personal wall revealed two public posts mocking and denigrating the BLM message. Ah! so she can say whatever she likes and isn’t banned – double standards or what? 
Members supporting BLM now have to have all their posts moderated.
One of Waverley Web’s followers said:
“I offered to pay for a racial awareness course for the moderators, including Hannah Nicholson who replied that she used to teach the course to which I replied that I found that hugely troubling.
Her response  ‘I shouldn’t be troubled as she isn’t a racist.’
I do have a copy of the entire conversation where I asked for her support as a PC on this issue if you would like to see it, I call her out very gently and she goes into a bizarre tirade then storms off.
 I would, of course, prefer to stay anonymous but any help in lifting the iron curtain of the Cranleigh Bloc would be much appreciated. 
Of course, this isn’t the first time the so-called ‘Moderators’ of the Cranleigh Community Board’s Censorship have been called into question. Youth Crime and hate crime is rising in Cranleigh New Town and the Eastern Villages.

For some considerable time, villagers were forced to put up with the constant drip, drip, of drivel that was dispensed by that self-promoting Cranleigh crank, Martin Bamford?  

Having set up the Cranleigh Community Board, BB, as he is known locally, threw his toys out of the pram and left the Board when people insisted on posting comments that he and his cronies in the Cranleigh Chamber of Commerce didn’t like or agree with.

Huge sighs of relief all round then!

Then up he pops like Punch and dived back in again, aided by his Judy. Because the rival Cranleigh Community Group, which was set up by Andy Webb to question and debate Bamford and his cronies’ self-interested take on Cranleigh, dared to launch a petition to stop a PRIVATE CARE HOME being built on a site that had formerly been promoted as a REPLACEMENT VILLAGE HOSPITAL.

Then, shock horror, the CCG dared to support bringing back to the eastern villages, a once treasured minor injuries unit, which could become an Urgent Care Centre.

In short, the Village has gone to war several times with Bamford and his cronies and he doesn’t like it.  He doesn’t like it one little bit.  In fact, he’s fizzing and foaming with fury.  He’ gets so cross when his opinions aren’t followed you can hear the elastic in his Y-fronts pinging!


So now when he isn’t putting his oar into the board he still believes he owns – he is busy self-promoting himself on yes, you guessed – the Cranleigh Village HEALTH Trust website! Really – will you stop at nothing BB? Or do you have to pay for services rendered?

As for the Cranleigh councillor – perhaps someone on the parish council should suggest she use her ample talents to represent the people who voted for her on village issues – and let Bamford have his Board back?

Bamford rides again?

The Bamford – Twit-ter

Here’s some of his drivel!

Screen Shot 2017-12-08 at 09.45.41.png

Screen Shot 2017-12-08 at 09.46.01.png

And you are in shock?!? How do you think the rest of us feel?

Screen Shot 2017-12-08 at 09.46.34.png

Anyone remember this one?

Screen Shot 2019-08-29 at 00.45.47.png

Screen Shot 2019-08-29 at 00.46.23.png






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