Youth Crime and hate crime is rising in Cranleigh New Town and the Eastern Villages.


…Rising youth crime in Cranleigh and the lack of police presence. Now he is calling on Surrey’s Police & Crime Commissioner – to do something about it!

WOW! Perhaps Martin Bamford, the Deputy Dog of Cranleigh’s  Chamber of Commerce needs to consider the hate crime that is also alive and well in the village dubbed “Poor Old Cranleigh” by Waverley Planners? 

The man Cranleigh people have nicknamed ‘Pastry Chef’ because he has so many fingers in so many pies has written to David Munroe, former Waverley/SCC, now Surrey’s PCC asking him to urgently address the rising levels of youth crime and anti-social behaviour on his patch. But, he doesn’t mention the real elephant in the room?

 He fails to mention the rising number of hate crimes being perpetrated by some of his C of C members – including local pubs, being directed at the Gipsy communities living on the outskirts of Cranleigh?

Our research shows there are three Gipsy communities in the parish of Bramley based in Dunsfold. Soon, another site will join them as Waverley Borough Council has approved a plan for more ‘traveller’ pitches on land off Stovolds Hill Road. 

  • Lydia Park – a settled Romany Gipsy Community.
  • New Acres – a transit Gipsy site, controlled by the same family for over 40 years.
  • Hill Tops – a settled community.
  • Soon to be ??? Irish Travellers.

One particular Gipsy was banned by Mr Bamford from the Cranleigh Community Board which he also manages and censors.  Censorship of other matters including criticism of Cranleigh’s proposed new hospital which has now morphed into a private Care Home are also removed! Don’t dare to mess with any project that Mr Bamford has anything to do with!Screen Shot 2018-11-15 at 09.16.30.png

According to the locals, these signs went up in Cranleigh pubs, and guest staying in this particular establishment were initially told it was due to a Gipsy funeral. They were then informed it was due to maintenance.

The wake was pre-booked at a  Guildford hotel, and investigations by the WW have revealed there were no resulting problems!  However, the following week pubs were shut once again for a Gipsy wedding in Hascombe.

 One Gipsy who was handing over cash to a Cranleigh trader, which was then rejected after he was reminded by his boss saying. “I cannot deal with you Pikies.” However, many shops and beauty businesses tell the WW a different story.   A Cranleigh hairdresser, who said he dared not be identified  said :

“we wouldn’t be in business if we lost their custom. And, we have never had any problems – they are delightful, often nicer than our kind”

Screen Shot 2018-11-09 at 09.46.05

Screen Shot 2018-11-02 at 10.06.18.pngScreen Shot 2018-11-09 at 09.52.51.png

Screen Shot 2018-11-09 at 09.52.16.png

Mr Bamford’s letter to the police, on behalf of the local business community, highlights the lack of police presence in the village and why this is an important issue for business members.

Business premises in Cranleigh have recently been subjected to a series of ball bearing catapult attacks, causing thousands of pounds worth of property damage.

HE says, “we have also seen fireworks being launched at motorists and businesses in the High Street, and eggs thrown at High Street premises.”

According to a Waverley Web follower who saw known youths from Cranleigh families misbehaving, says the blame is being aimed at the Gipsy community because they are an easy target.

Says Mr Bamford, despite these high profile and serious events, there has been little noticeable police presence or action in response.

We appreciate the funding pressures faced by Surrey Police, which led to the closure of our police station in 2012, replaced by a police post at Cranleigh Leisure Centre with no public access front counter.

With a large number of houses being built in the village over the coming years, and rising levels of crime and anti-social behaviour being reported by our members, it is important that a police presence in Cranleigh be re-established as a matter of priority.

One of our objectives as a Chamber of Commerce is for Cranleigh to be a location to attract, retain and encourage growing businesses and their employees. Rising crime and the lack of police presence here will make achieving that objective increasingly difficult.

We will share any response received to this letter in due course.

The WW wonder if the pubs will be shut again for routine maintenance on 28th November when another Gipsy Funeral will be held in Cranleigh?

2 thoughts on “Youth Crime and hate crime is rising in Cranleigh New Town and the Eastern Villages.”

  1. This is far from unique to Cranleigh it’s endemic to society. Would waverley web post the word n***** uncensored yet uses p**** in such a manner? From recollection every traveller planning application is called into planning committee and refused.

    The issue is one of linguistics. The term gypsy and/or traveller has negative reception just as the term estate. This is a societal issue and not just businesses in Cranleigh.

    This view of course does not detract from the inappropriate behaviour of bussiness (if the allegation is founded)

  2. We are quite sure you are correct, that this type of behaviour is not unique to Cranleigh.
    We use the word pikey in this context as that is how it was presented to us by the gentleman who contacted us, because that is what he was called.

    It should also be mentioned that they describe themselves as Gipsies as they are of Romany origin – so do not wish to be described as Travellers. Very few now travel, and are settled families, using, and contributing towards local services – GP’s, schools etc. They are proud of their Romany origins, but recognise that their persecution goes back a very long way.

    We have no reason to suspect that these allegations are unfounded – in fact several Cranleigh residents/businesses have confirmed the inappropriate behaviour of some.

    The incidents we have referred to on our post ocurred several months ago, and although we were contacted then, we have spent a considerable amount of time verifying the situation.

    Like it or not this inapprpriate behaviour is increasing in, and around, Cranleigh which has not been helped by censoring them from the Cranleigh Community Board. Which is why we were contacted at the Waverley Web. In the interest of fairness, we believed this sad situation should be aired – in the hope it may make some of those responsible stop and think of the harm their hurtful their actions are having.

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