Alfold’s cross, are getting crosser – as the story unfolds on shedloads of new homes on their way to the little village.


Here’s a missive from one of our Alfold Followers – who is spitting feathers – and can you blame her?

Dear Waverley Web,

‘As ever – these idiots seem to think they can get away with shoddy Desk-Based studies… if they cannot get the facts right with regards to their drainage system/SUDS etc or flow direction of waterways – then it beggars belief. Just for a change, Surrey County Council seems to have got its act together (probably due to working from home!) and the  Document below says it all… Well done Michael Burch!

Having read the developers awful Transport Assessment (all 200 Pages of it ) and what a waste of paper and ink – it was absolute unadulterated waffle.  You can tell any ‘STORY’ you want to with Statistics … The survey was carried out on 4th March 2020 which, although shortly before the COVID Lockdown, was undertaken when everyone was starting to get anxious and keeping close to home.  I know as I was visiting my Father at St. Peters and the roads were so much quieter even then.

The developer wanted to move the access to the development on the A281 further South – but that necessitated the removal of so much of the Native Hedgerows SCC  said it wasn’t viable so officers came back with these measures:


So Much safer now then!!!

Have any of your readers used the Alfold Petrol Filling Station at The Crossways? You take your life in your hands going in, and it is only a little easier coming out!

Would you believe that on the other side of the filling station – yet another access to yet another shedload of houses consented at the former Wyevale Garden Centre site? 

If you live in or around Alfold – or travel the A281 Horsham/Guildford Road read this. 

Horsham Road LLFA Letter June 2020

Anyone walking on Horsham Road and Alfold Crossways – will know it is a shockingly dangerous road with HGV’s and other traffic far exceeding the speed limit.  With Pavements that are totally unsuitable for young families especially children/dogs as it has limited visibility when trying to cross the A road between Horsham and Guildford in either direction

This developer simply shouldn’t even be wasting the Waverley Planning Officers’ time. It should be thrown out as over development in a small village, which has already met its housing quota and with extremely limited facilities, putting an ever-increasing burden on Cranleigh’s water, sewage, health and educational facilities.

“We have no schools here – Surrey County Council closed them here in Alfold and in nearby Dunsfold!”


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