Another piece of Alfold countryside to bite the dust?

Village leaders in Alfold have sent out a message to  residents – speak up now if you wish to object to another 80 homes being built in the village.

Although the deadline for commenting on a scheme for 80 new dwellings on land adjacent to the BP Garage site near Alfold Crossways was last week – there is still time.
Here’s the link:
The parish clerk said:
Everyone in the Alfold Parish has the right and opportunity to make individual representations on the proposals – not just the Parish Council. Councillors urge you to think about the effect of more houses in Alfold and whether you would welcome them if you would like to make a submission. Waverley Borough Council requires 5 letters of objection before the matter is referred to the Planning Committee for determination. If not enough letters are received, it will not get this far. It is so important that villagers have their say in the future of Alfold, and this is application will have far-reaching implications in the long term. Please do use your voice – Julie

That man in Bristol has been busy dumping homes on Alfold – again!

Look at point 21 in the Government Inspector’s decision on another Alfold appeal site, where the claim is made that Waverley has only a 3.9-year housing supply. then you will realise how important it is to object, object, object.


Alfold Resident Denise Wordsworth said:

Screen Shot 2020-03-26 at 21.12.26.png

2 thoughts on “Another piece of Alfold countryside to bite the dust?”

  1. I believe the impression was given elsewhere that this was a preliminary sort of application not needing comments/objections otherwise many more would of done so like me and will indeed do so now. I would like to thank WW for raising this/bring this to our attention like many other planning applications that would of been hidden/got though the system without objections, without you!

  2. We know what you mean – you thought it was a ‘fishing exercise’ by a developer seeking views from the planners before putting in an official application. Which you are correct it was, however as soon as the appeal decision came in on the Sweeters’ Copse extension for 80 more homes, in Alfold the developers received a massive boost. Because the Inspector caimed the council did not have the 5-year land supply it claimed, but only 3.9 yrs. So hey presto it lobbed in an application pronto.

    Now of course the planning committee members will be fearful of turning anything down, because the Inspector awarded costs against Waverley for refusing the higher number on the Wyevale Garden Centre’ former nursery site nearby.

    WW suspects the developers will see the site adjacent to the garage as a shoe in to join up with the garden centre site – and others!

    This blog exists purely to inform the public of what is going on right on their doorstep.

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